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The symphony of life, revealed

  A new imaging technique captures the vibrations of proteins, tiny motions critical to human life              IMAGE:   Using a new imaging technique they developed, scientists have managed to observe and document the vibrations of lysozyme, an antibacterial protein found in many animals. This graphic visualizes […]

Selenium may slow march of AIDS

2008 study posted for filing Contact: Amitabh Avasthi axa47@psu.edu 814-865-9481 Penn State Increasing the production of naturally occurring proteins that contain selenium in human blood cells slows down multiplication of the AIDS virus, according to biochemists. “We have found that increasing the expression of proteins that contain selenium […]

DEAD-box proteins function as recycling nanopistons when unwinding RNA: May be incorporated into artificial nanomachines

Contact: Daniel Oppenheimer daniel.oppenheimer@utexas.edu 512-745-3353 University of Texas at Austin Ancient enzymes function like nanopistons to unwind RNA AUSTIN, Texas—Molecular biologists at The University of Texas at Austin have solved one of the mysteries of how double-stranded RNA is remodeled inside cells in both their normal and disease […]