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Poland evacuates consulate in Crimea: foreign minister

March 08, 2014 03:37 PM WARSAW: Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski  said on Saturday Poland  had evacuated its consulate in Ukraine’s Crimea  due to disturbances by Russian forces. Sikorski said on Twitter: “Because of continuing disturbances by Russian forces there, we have reluctantly evacuated our consulate in Crimea, […]

Hacking Team snoopware found on US servers

– The governments named include Uzbekistan, Poland, Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, Thailand, the UAE, Korea* Morocco and Azerbaijan Citizen Lab tags foreign governments for spying in America By    Richard Chirgwin    6th March 2014 05:01 GMT Canada’s Citizen Lab has added to its record of uncovering government snooping using Hacking Team’s […]

Kiev agitators ‘trained in Poland’ claims Putin

04.03.2014 16:09 President Putin claimed on Tuesday that “well prepared” and organized protesters in Kiev who brought down the Yanukovych regime were “trained in Poland and Lithuania”. In his first in-depth comments since the Russian parliament gave the green light for military action in Ukraine on Saturday, Vladimir […]