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China tells U.S. to mind it’s own business

US must ‘get used to China’s rise’ (China Daily)    07:38, May 22, 2014 Washington’s engagement in territorial issues ‘complicates problems’ Chinese and Western observers seemed to reach a consensus on Wednesday over President Xi Jinping’s proposal to establish a new framework for security cooperation in Asia, and he also […]

Beijing’s dangerous arrogance in the South China Sea

Philip Bowring says Beijing’s superiority complex and selective reading of Southeast Asian history have become the toxic brew fuelling tensions in the South China Sea Philip Bowring BIO China’s current behaviour vis-à-vis its South China Sea neighbours is aggressive, arrogant and smacks of Han chauvinism and ethnocentrism. Far from […]

Manila’s provocations reflect weakness

“The Philippines could do nothing but provoke China like a clown under the indulgence of some Western forces” (Global Times)    07:36, March 31, 2014 The Philippines on Sunday filed a case against China’s “territorial invasion” with the UN arbitral tribunal. This comes a day after a nearly two-hour standoff […]

Anon posts Filipino president’s phone numbers

EEV: As with all information being claimed to be leaked ,or hacked information, without validation. This information is for entertainment value only.       Attempts to give Aquino a wake-up call and democracy a kick-start By Phil Muncaster Posted in Security, 17th June 2013 06:23 GMT Customer Success Testimonial: Recovery […]