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The widespread acceptance of an atrocious manuscript, fabricated by an investigative journalist, reveals the near absence of quality at some journals

Fake Paper Exposes Failed Peer Review By Kerry Grens  | October 6, 2013   Having an authentic name, representing a real research institution, and offering actual scientific results are apparently not required for publication in many open access journals, Science has found. A completely invented scientist—“Ocorrafoo Cobange”—who worked […]

Organic tomatoes accumulate more vitamin C, sugars than conventionally grown fruit

Contact: Souri Somphanith onepress@plos.org 41-562-412-17199 Public Library of Science Biochemical properties of organic tomatoes may be different because of stressful growth conditions Tomatoes grown on organic farms accumulate higher concentrations of sugars, vitamin C and compounds associated with oxidative stress compared to those grown on conventional farms, according […]

Caffeine improves recognition of positive words

Contact: Jyoti Madhusoodanan jmadhusoodanan@plos.org 415-568-4545 x187 Public Library of Science 2-3 cups of coffee improve brain processing of positive, but not negative or neutral words Caffeine perks up most coffee-lovers, but a new study shows a small dose of caffeine also increases their speed and accuracy for recognizing […]