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Do viruses make us smarter? 

Public Release: 12-Jan-2015 A new study from Lund University in Sweden indicates that inherited viruses that are millions of years old play an important role in building up the complex networks that characterise the human brain. Researchers have long been aware that endogenous retroviruses constitute around five per […]

Blueprint for an artificial brain

Published 26. February 2013, 15:18 h     Bielefeld physicist Andy Thomas takes nature as his model   Scientists have long been dreaming about building a computer that would work like a brain. This is because a brain is far more energy-saving than a computer, it can learn […]

Brain-like chip outstrips normal computers

22 November 2012 by Michael Marshall Magazine issue 2892. COMPUTER chips that mimic the human brain are outstripping conventional chips in crucial ways. They could also revolutionise our understanding of how the brain functions.Attempts to simulate the brain usually involve programming software to behave like groups of neurons. […]

Active ingredients in marijuana found to spread and prolong pain : Transforms transient normal pain into persistent chronic pain

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Jim Kelly jpkelly@utmb.edu 409-772-8791 University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Research has implications for medical use of drug and concepts of chronic pain GALVESTON, Texas — Imagine that you’re working on your back porch, hammering in a nail. Suddenly you slip […]

Stem Cells Not Needed for Cancer

Fully developed neurons can revert to stem cell-like states and give rise to brain tumors. By Ruth Williams |October 18, 2012 The prevailing view that stem cells are the principle originators of brain cancer may be incorrect, according to a report out today (October 18) in Science.The new […]