Up to 1,000 NATO Servicemen to Take Part in Military Drills in Ukraine This Month

WASHINGTON, September 2 (RIA Novosti) – Despite the ongoing hostilities in southeastern Ukraine, the United States plans to go ahead with the Rapid Trident military exercise, scheduled to take place in western Ukraine later this month and expected to involve… Read More ›

Moscow confirms deployment of ( Short range Nukes ) Iskander missiles on NATO borders

Published time: December 16, 2013 18:12                                                                             Iskander high-precision missile system in place during military exercises. (RIA Novosti/Alexei Danichev) The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed media reports on the deployment of short-range Iskander missiles in the country’s west, near its… Read More ›

Borey-class nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine Yuri Dolgorukiy will provide Russia with effective nuclear deterrent

Yulia Zamanskaya Jan 22, 2013 23:26 Moscow Time Photo: RIA Novosti On January 10th Russia’s next-generation ‘Borey’-class nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine (SSBN) ‘Yuri Dolgorukiy’ officially entered service with the Russian navy’s Northern Fleet. Professor Thomas Fedyszyn, the Chair of the Europe-Russia… Read More ›