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Several FDA-approved anti-cancer drugs induce stem cell tumors, perhaps thwarting therapy

Drosophila intestines provide ‘ready-made stem cell microenvironments’ that are ‘difficult-to-impossible’ to create in petri dishes, offering an unconventional screen that allows researchers to test drugs in vivo. Credit: University of Massachusetts Amherst                                          Using a new approach to systematically test chemotherapy drugs in an unusual animal model, […]

NLST data highlight probability of lung cancer overdiagnosis / overdiagnosis rate for bronchioloalveolar lung cancer was 78.9 percent

Contact: Shawn Farley PR@acr.org 703-648-8936 American College of Radiology NLST data highlight probability of lung cancer overdiagnosis with low-dose CT screening Philadelphia, PA—Data from the National Lung Cancer Screening Trial (NLST)—conducted by the American College of Radiology Imaging Network and National Cancer Institute Lung Screening Study—provided researchers the […]

Reducing unnecessary and high-dose pediatric CT scans could cut associated cancers by 62 percent

Contact: Phyllis Brown phyllis.brown@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu 916-734-9023 University of California – Davis Health System (SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — A study examining trends in X-ray computed tomography (CT) use in children in the United States has found that reducing unnecessary scans and lowering the doses for the highest-dose scans could lower the […]

87th Health Research Report 19 AUG 2010 – Reconstruction

Health Research Report 87th Issue 19 AUG 2010 Compiled By Ralph Turchiano http://www.vit.bz http://www.youtube.com/vhfilm  http://www.facebook.com/engineeringevil http://www.engineeringevil.com   http://www.healthresearchreport.me  Editors Top Five:   SCIENTISTS TARGET POSSIBLE CAUSE OF ONE FORM OF BOWEL DISEASE Pancreatic cancers use fructose, common in the Western diet, to fuel their growth Acetaminophen tied to childhood wheezing […]

Green tea extract appears to keep cancer in check in majority of CLL patients

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Karl Oestreich newsbureau@mayo.edu 507-284-5005 Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic has conducted the first clinical studies of tea extract in cancer patients CHICAGO — ASCO Abstract Number: 6522 (http://abstract.asco.org/AbstView_74_47574.html). An extract of green tea appears to have clinical activity with low toxicity in chronic […]

Researchers find increased dairy intake reduces risk of uterine fibroids in black women

2009 study posted for filing   Contact: Allison Rubin allison.rubin@bmc.org 617-638-8490 Boston University Medical Center (Boston)- Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) researchers at the Slone Epidemiology Center found that black women with high intake of dairy products have a reduced incidence of uterine leiomyomata (fibroids). This report, […]

No such thing as ‘junk RNA,’ say Pitt researchers

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Anita Srikameswaran SrikamAV@upmc.edu 412-578-9193 University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences PITTSBURGH, Oct. 12 – Tiny strands of RNA previously dismissed as cellular junk are actually very stable molecules that may play significant roles in cellular processes, according to researchers at […]

Long-term tamoxifen use increases risk of an aggressive, hard to treat type of second breast cancer: 4 fold increase

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Kristen Woodward kwoodwar@fhcrc.org 206-667-5095 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Study finds a more than four-fold increased risk of ER negative second cancers SEATTLE – While long-term tamoxifen use among breast cancer survivors decreases their risk of developing the most common, less aggressive […]

Common household pesticides linked to childhood cancer cases in Washington area : acute lymphoblastic leukemia

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Karen Mallet km463@georgetown.edu 215-514-9751 Georgetown University Medical Center Researchers caution that the study doesn’t prove cause and effect Washington, DC – A new study by researchers at the Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center finds a higher level of common household pesticides in […]

Cancer institute tackles sloppy data

Funder demands better evidence for biomarkers in clinical trials. Monya Baker 12 October 2012 Biologists combing through massive patient data sets often find potential biomarkers of certain diseases, but many of these signals turn out to be false. To weed out these useless associations, the US National Cancer […]


Contact: Jim Ritter Media Relations jritter@lumc.edu (708) 216-2445 Anne Dillon Director, Media Relations adillon@lumc.edu (708) 216-8232 More Sharing ServicesShare   MAYWOOD, Ill. – Loyola University Medical Center has launched the first clinical trial in the Midwest of an experimental melanoma treatment that genetically engineers a patient’s immune system […]

Vitamin C injections slow tumor growth in mice

Repost 2008 Contact: Joan Chamberlain niddkmedia@mail.nih.gov 301-496-3583 NIH/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases High-dose injections of vitamin C, also known as ascorbate or ascorbic acid, reduced tumor weight and growth rate by about 50 percent in mouse models of brain, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers, researchers […]

Long-term pesticide exposure may increase risk of diabetes

2008 Repost for filing Contact: Robin Mackar rmackar@niehs.nih.gov 919-541-0073 NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Licensed pesticide applicators who used chlorinated pesticides on more than 100 days in their lifetime were at greater risk of diabetes, according to researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The associations […]

Breast cancer risks acquired in pregnancy may pass to next 3 generations

Contact: John Pastor jdpastor@vt.edu 540-231-5646 Virginia Tech Chemicals or foods that raise estrogen levels during pregnancy may increase cancer risk  in daughters, granddaughters, and even great-granddaughters, according to scientists from Virginia Tech and Georgetown University. Pregnant rats on a diet supplemented with synthetic estrogen or with fat, which […]

Sex hormones unrelated to prostate cancer risk

Contact: Liz Savage jncimedia@oxfordjournals.org 301-841-1287 Journal of the National Cancer Institute Sex hormones circulating in the blood do not appear to be associated with prostate cancer risk, according to data from 18 prior studies. The analysis will be published online January 29 in the Journal of the National […]

Commentary on The Video: Fundamentalist Vaccine Penatgon Using Vaccines to Alter Human Behavior VMAT2 Gene – Followed by, Change in Human Social Behavior in Response to a Common Vaccine Abstract , & Article On VMAT2

There is currently no way to confirm the data in this Video……. Chances are without any confirming data, it will be deemed a fake… This video, and the Vaccine Data has been circulating close to two years now. If it is a hoax, I will have to say […]