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Health Research Report 10 JUN 2013

Topics: Vitamin C found to kill Tuberculosis:including MDR-TB, XDR-TB by fenton reaction Statins prevent exercise benefits and erode skeletal muscle mitochondria Phosphatidyl Serine improve Familial Dysautonomia, Parkinsons, and IKAP protein LED lights shown to cause Blindness

Are we getting more stupid? Researchers claim our intelligence is diminishing as we no longer need it to survive

By Mark Prigg PUBLISHED:13:57 EST, 12  November 2012| UPDATED:14:10 EST, 12 November 2012 Our intelligence and behaviour requires  optimal functioning of a large number of genes, which requires enormous  evolutionary pressures to maintain. Now, in a provocative theory, a team from  Stanford University claim we are losing our […]

Learning faster with neurodegenerative disease

Contact: Dr. Christian Beste Christian.Beste@rub.de 49-234-322-4323 Ruhr-University Bochum Huntington’s gene mutation carriers: Severity of the genetic mutation related to learning efficiency People who bear the genetic mutation for Huntington’s disease learn faster than healthy people. The more pronounced the mutation was, the more quickly they learned. This is […]

Breast cancer risks acquired in pregnancy may pass to next 3 generations

Contact: John Pastor jdpastor@vt.edu 540-231-5646 Virginia Tech Chemicals or foods that raise estrogen levels during pregnancy may increase cancer risk  in daughters, granddaughters, and even great-granddaughters, according to scientists from Virginia Tech and Georgetown University. Pregnant rats on a diet supplemented with synthetic estrogen or with fat, which […]

137th Health Research Report 07 SEP 2008

 Full Report at www.healthresearchreport.me Editors Top Five:   1. Study Finds How BPA Affects Gene Expression, Anxiety; Soy Mitigates Effects 2. Vitamin B3 may offer new tool in fight against ‘superbugs’ 3. Johns Hopkins team finds ICU misdiagnoses may account for as many annual deaths as breast cancer 4. […]

Poxviruses defeat antiviral defenses by duplicating a gene – Engineered an E3L-deficient strain that was quickly able to increase infectious virus production by selectively increasing the number of copies of the K3L gene in its genome

Contact: Phil Sahm phil.sahm@hsc.utah.edu 801-581-2517 University of Utah Health Sciences Study helps explain how large DNA viruses undergo rapid evolution SALT LAKE CITY – Scientists have discovered that poxviruses, which are responsible for smallpox and other diseases, can adapt to defeat different host antiviral defenses by quickly and […]