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What U.S. Politicians Have a “Chinese Dream” ?

EEV: While I am highly respectful of how the Chinese People. I am concerned  as a U.S. Citizen how our leaders are folding so easy to the Chinese government’s increasing dominance. The subtle play of words from the Peoples Daily of our U.S. politicians China’s Dream is a very powerful psychological message. If you follow the […]

Witch hunts targeted by grassroots women’s groups: Yes, Actual Witch Hunts ( India )

Contact:   Andy Henion, Media Communications, Office: (517) 355-3294, Cell: (517) 281-6949, Andy.Henion@cabs.msu.edu; Soma Chaudhuri, Sociology, Office: (517) 353-0874, chaudh30@msu.edu Published: Sept. 04, 2012   EAST LANSING, Mich. — Witch hunts are common and sometimes deadly in the tea plantations of Jalpaiguri, India. But a surprising source – […]

Computer viruses could take a lesson from showy peacocks ” digital organisms evolve, just like living things”

Contact:   Layne Cameron, Media Communications, Office: (517) 353-8819, Cell: (765) 748-4827, Layne.Cameron@cabs.msu.edu; Ian Dworkin, Zoology, Office: 517-432-6733, idworkin@msu.edu Published: Aug. 29, 2012 E-mail Editor ShareThis MSU researchers explore what would happen if computer viruses had to find mates in order to reproduce. Photo illustration by G.L. Kohuth […]