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Chinese wind-turbine firm charged with stealing US trade secrets

Sinovel Wind Group accused of illegally downloading software from former supplier American Superconductor   guardian.co.uk,              Friday 28 June 2013 05.38 EDT A worker paints wind turbines in Guangdong, China. Photograph: Tyrone Siu/Reuters China‘s largest wind-turbine company has been charged with stealing trade secrets from its American former […]

Meningitis warning spreads to 23 states as investiagtors focus in on cause: fungal contaminate/foreign material in the contaminated steroid solutions

Officials said all of those infected received spinal injections of a steroid solution sold by a Massachusetts-based facility Karen McVeigh in New York guardian.co.uk,     Thursday 4 October 2012 17.11 EDT   Dr Robert Latham, chief of medicine at Saint Thomas, said a patient died there, bringing the number of […]

How to confuse a moral compass

Survey ‘magic trick’ causes attitude reversal. Zoë Corbyn 19 September 2012 People can be tricked into reversing their opinions on moral issues, even to the point of constructing good arguments to support the opposite of their original positions, researchers report today in PLoS ONE1. The researchers, led by Lars […]

Scientists successfully awaken sleeping stem cells: ” might be possible to turn on the eye’s own resources to regenerate damaged retinas, without the need for transplanting outside retinal tissue or stem cells,”

Contact: Patti Jacobs pjacobs12@comcast.net 617-868-0077 Schepens Eye Research Institute New hope for regenerating the human retina damaged by disease or injury Boston, MA—Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute have discovered what chemical in the eye triggers the dormant capacity of certain non-neuronal cells to transform into progenitor cells, […]

Study finds bacteria may reduce risk for kidney stones: 70 percent reduction in the risk of recurrent kidney stones

Contact: Gina Digravio gina.digravio@bmc.org 617-638-8491 Boston University Boston, MA—Researchers from Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center have found that the bacteria Oxalobacter formigenes (O. formigenes), a naturally occurring bacterium that has no known side effects, is associated with a 70 percent reduction in the risk of recurrent kidney stones.  […]