Molnupiravir, may fully suppress virus transmission within 24 hours – Green Tea inhibits Sars-COV-2

Today we look at this week’s COVID data and research 1 Molnupiravir ( MK-4482 ), may fully suppress virus transmission within 24 hours 2 Chemical compounds in foods can inhibit a key SARS-CoV-2 enzyme 3 Vehicles and Testing Sites possible COVID vectors 4 BMJ says no to Many school COVID restrictions Plus tons of HeatMaps, Correlations, Graphs, and Charts questioning whether many world leaders have any clue about anything actually. 😉


COVID19 Analytics – Mask Trash and Shoes a Major Spreader, Newsom & Fauci Being Odd, Florida Wins

Our weekly review of the current COVID data and country comparisons as well as other oddities such as Mask Litter, Trash Cans, and Shoes being unintended spreaders. All this under the guise of Amateur Python Analytics. Brief CSV File Request Code below (Pandas). That will allow you to pull Oxford University Data up to the current date. Enjoy 😉

This is a long one, next week I will make it A LOT shorter.

#covid19 #sarscov2 #data

Code Snippet:
import pandas as pd
import csv
import requests
younameit = pd.read_csv(‘’)