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Explosive new evidence links Patricia Hewitt to paedophile group’s calls for age of consent to be lowered to just 10 and that incest should not be a crime

Former Labour cabinet minister was general secretary of NCCL in 1970s Hewitt says she takes responsibility for the mistakes made at the time 65-year-old adds that NCCL was ‘naive and wrong’ over links with PIE But documents cast doubt on claims she never ‘condoned’ child abusers Press release […]

British spies ‘hid activities from MPs’

Former Labour minister accuses spies of ignoring MPs over surveillance Nick Brown says there is ‘uncanny’ similarity between GCHQ programmes exposed by Edward Snowden and bill’s proposals   Rowena Mason, political correspondent The Guardian,        Tuesday 15 October 2013 Former minister Nick Brown says mass surveillance appears to […]

University for all was a complete nonsense

  WHEN historians come to ponder quite what a shambles the last Labour government made of absolutely everything they will dwell on the headline stuff: Iraq, Afghanistan, destroying the pension system and so on. But there’s a less high-profile mess-up that is continuing to cause terrible problems: the […]

It pays to use slave labour, says watchdog

Gangmasters Licensing Authority is dismayed at tiny fines levied on unscrupulous employers Emily Dugan Sunday, 23 June 2013 Sentences for criminal bosses who use forced labour are “unduly lenient” and do not deter modern slavery, the head of Britain’s worker exploitation watchdog believes. Sentences for criminal bosses who […]

56% of Britons would vote to quit EU in referendum, poll finds: ” voters over 55 were the most critical of the EU, with 59% saying it was a bad thing and 20% a good thing”

Results of survey will make sobering reading for leaders of three major parties, as PM prepares for crucial meeting on EU budget   Daniel Boffey and Toby Helm The Observer,   Saturday 17 November 2012 14.56 EST NIgel Farage’s anti-Brussels Ukip is improving in the polls as voters become increasingly […]