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Bank of America accused of spying on Activist: “Even more amusing is the keyword list that was found, containing trigger words like ‘jihad’ or ‘homosexual’.”

  Anonymous leaks ‘Bank of America secrets’ in spy revenge hack Hacktivists enraged by suggestion financial giant snooped on them By John Leyden Posted in Security, 27th February 2013 16:34 GMT Free whitepaper – IDC Report: Lost in the Cloud? Automate with Cisco Miscreants affiliated with hacking collective Anonymous […]

Quantum crypto – with nothing more than STANDARD broadband fibre

Original URL: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/20/quantum_crypto_breakthrough/ Theoretical un-crackability cracked By John Leyden Posted in Security, 20th November 2012 17:58 GMT Free whitepaper – Blue Coat Systems 2012 Malnet Report Boffins have worked out how to run quantum cryptography systems over a standard broadband fibre in a development that brings theoretically unbreakable […]