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Plantain and broccoli fibers may block key stage in Crohn’s disease development

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Emma Dickinson edickinson@bmjgroup.com 44-207-383-6529 BMJ-British Medical Journal Translocation of Crohn’s disease Escherichia coli across M-cells: Contrasting effects of soluble plant fibers and emulsifiers Plantain and broccoli fibres may block a key stage in the development of the inflammatory bowel disorder, Crohn’s disease, […]

China proposes a united anti-Japanese front

Irina Ivanova Nov 15, 2012 20:40 Moscow Time © Collage “The Voice of Russia” A prominent Chinese expert has called upon Moscow and Seoul, which like China have territorial disputes with Tokyo, to form a united anti-Japanese front. This front would be used to force the Japanese leadership […]

Chinese official says ‘no time limit’ on ships sailing near Senkakus ” “important” for China to “safeguard” China’s claim to the islands”

Monday, Nov. 12, 2012 Kyodo HONG KONG — The head of China’s Oceanic Administration has said there is “no time limit” on Chinese patrol vessels sailing near the Japan-administered Senkaku Islands, a Hong Kong newspaper reported Sunday.   The Ming Pao daily, in a report from Beijing, quoted […]

China accepts Japanese runners for Beijing Marathon in about-face

[PR]がんで保険をあきらめている方へ/アメリカンホームのがん保険 BEIJING (Kyodo) — The organizer of the Nov. 25 Beijing Marathon has started accepting applications from Japanese runners, reversing its initial stance of refusing them, Kyodo News learned Sunday. The organizer had earlier removed “Japan” from the nationalities on the application form on its official website, probably […]

China cancels out on tourism talks

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 Kyodo An annual ministerial meeting on tourism between Japan, China and South Korea scheduled for late November has been postponed indefinitely amid the Senkaku territorial dispute, officials said.   Japan was to host this year’s version of the trilateral meeting in Fukushima Prefecture, but […]

Beijing brands Tokyo’s “persistent defiance” in territorial dispute as “self-deception”: urged Tokyo to abandon its illusion of occupying the islands.

China bins Japan’s claim of easing tension   Zhang Yunbi and Zhao Shengnan China Daily Publication Date : 31-10-2012   Beijing yesterday hit back at claims by Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba that Tokyo was trying to calm tensions with Beijing over the Diaoyu Islands.   It branded […]

Chinese intruders tell coast guard to get out “leave” the area as it is “in China’s jurisdictional waters” and that the Japanese vessel was “violating the law,”

Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 Kyodo NAHA, Okinawa Pref. — Four Chinese surveillance ships entered Japan’s territorial waters Tuesday near the Senkaku Islands and then left the area around 1:10 p.m., the Japan Coast Guard said. This is the eighth time Chinese government ships have entered the territorial waters […]

Noda says Japan will boost coast security

NationalOct. 30, 2012 – 10:45AM JST( 27 ) TOKYO   — Japan will “strengthen security” around its coasts, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said on Monday, as Chinese ships again plied waters near disputed islands. “While observing the pacifism that is a pillar of our constitution… I will make efforts […]

Japan says four Chinese ships in disputed waters

NationalOct. 28, 2012 – 03:00PM JST( 0 ) TOKYO  — Four Chinese maritime surveillance ships were spotted in territorial waters around disputed Tokyo-controlled islands on Sunday, Japan’s coast guard said. The ships were earlier sailing in the contiguous zone near the island chain but entered Japan’s 12-nautical-mile territorial […]

Chinese patrol vessels test ‘authority’ near Senkakus: “replied via radio that the area “is China’s,” “

Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 Kyodo NAHA, Okinawa Pref. — Chinese surveillance vessels on Thursday entered Japan’s territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands for the first time in three weeks, the Japan Coast Guard said. The government lodged a “strong protest” over the intrusion with China through diplomatic channels. […]

Ishihara: Unrepentant Japanese nationalist

Politics Oct. 26, 2012 – 06:51AM JST( 2 ) TOKYO   — Shintaro Ishihara, who resigned as Tokyo governor on Thursday to return to national politics, is an unrepentant nationalist who relishes the chance to provoke the politically correct. The 80-year-old is known at home and abroad for his sharp […]

Chinese ships enter waters around disputed islands

News On Japan via Japan Today — Oct 25 Four Chinese government ships entered territorial waters around disputed Tokyo-controlled islands early Thursday, the Japan Coast Guard said. Three maritime surveillance vessels entered the 12-nautical-mile zone around one of the islands in the East China Sea shortly after 6:30 […]

U.S. team to help defuse isle dispute

Kyodo WASHINGTON — The U.S. government will send a group of former national security officials to Japan and China next week to encourage Tokyo and Beijing to mend diplomatic ties frayed by a territorial dispute, sources said. The U.S. team, including former Deputy Secretary Of State Richard Armitage, […]

It’s not easy being a Yakuza boss

By Jake Adelstein — Oct 15 These days the price of a standard civilian hit-job can run as high as $2 million. That’s not the price to get the job done — that’s the price if one of your underlings gets caught. The whole inflationary spiral started with […]