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BNP Paribas Fined $8.8 Billion

MANHATTAN (CN) – The French bank BNP Paribas on Monday agreed to pay $8.8 billion for conspiring to process transactions through the U.S. financial system for Sudanese, Iranian and Cuban entities subject to U.S. economic sanctions. – BNP Paribas agreed to forfeit $8,833,600,000 – the amount of proceeds […]

Israel PM slams Iran move to send ships towards US

EEV: This may eventually lead to the escalation of Iranian missiles being within striking distance of the U.S. Mainland. 3 hours ago            Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel on Sunday denounced an Iranian announcement that it was sending naval ships towards the United States as further evidence that loosening sanctions […]

Iran dispatches warships to US Borders

Ships from the Iranian army’s naval fleet are headed towards the United States maritime borders as part of a longstanding protest against US vessels in the Persian Gulf, Fars News Agency reports. “The Iranian Army’s naval fleets have already started their voyage towards the Atlantic Ocean via the […]

Monkey safely back from Iran space mission

Jan 28, 2013 16:27 Moscow Time AFP PHOTO / AL-ALAM TV According to Iranian TV, Iranian scientists have successfully flown a monkey into space and back. Three years ago, they successfully carried out a similar experiment with worms, tortoises and mice. Both missions were flown by Iranian-made rockets. […]

Iran sends monkey into space: report

AFP Monday, Jan 28, 2013 TEHRAN – Iran on Monday sent a capsule containing a live monkey into space and later retrieved the “shipment” intact, the Tehran-based Arab-language Al-Alam channel said, quoting an official statement. Previous attempts by the Islamic republic to put a monkey into space have […]

US jet flown out of Iran

    Dec 30, 2012 20:45 Moscow Time   An American Falcon jet has been flown to Abu Dhabi after spending three weeks under repair in Ahwaz in southwestern Iran.   Its crew returned to Abu Dhabi shortly after the plane’s emergency landing in Ahwaz.   Ahwaz Airport […]

NATO in global cyberwar games

Nikita Sorokin Nov 12, 2012 19:35 Moscow © Collage: The Voice of Russia In the four days of its annual Cyber Coalition wargames beginning with Tuesday, NATO will be practicing operations to neutralize crippling cyberattacks on the infrastructure. In the scenario, an unnamed African country deploys a computer […]

Israel ‘planned Iran attack in 2010’

Binyamin Netanyahu ordered military to prepare for strike against Iran two years ago, according to TV documentary Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem The Guardian, Monday 5 November 2012 05.15 EST Binyamin Netanyahu: the order to raise the alert level was not carried out after strong opposition from Israeli security […]

Iran claims production of new advanced drone

The Associated Press TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s media is reporting the country has produced a domestically-made drone capable of hovering in midair. The Sunday report by several newspapers including the conservative Resalat says an advanced vertical take-off and landing or VTOL drone will be displayed in February. Resalat […]

U.S. energy companies victims of potentially destructive cyber intrusions: The secretary said that a coordinated attack on enough critical infrastructure could be a “cyber Pearl Harbor”

Posted By John ReedThursday, October 11, 2012 – 8:56 PM Foreign actors are probing the networks of key American companies in an attempt to gain control of industrial facilities and transportation systems, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed tonight. “We know that foreign cyber actors are probing America’s critical […]

Google admits Middle Eastern governments could be spying on its users as it warns of ‘state-sponsored’ hacking attacks

By Hugo Gye PUBLISHED:16:41 EST, 3  October 2012| UPDATED:16:41 EST, 3 October 2012 Google has launched a new effort to warn its  users that they could be the victims of cyberattacks from hostile  governments. Account-holders working in international  relations, development and other sensitive areas have received messages from […]