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NSA seizes full control of targeted iPhones via DROPOUTJEEP malware

Dec 30, 2013                    Will Conley                                                      The NSA developed in 2008 a software program for iPhones that can selectively and stealthily deliver data from iPhones to the NSA. The program is called DROPOUTJEEP. News of the malware is the latest to come out of the ongoing Snowden […]

Line censoring messages in China

370 banned words found; firm mum on who’s selecting them and why Marking a milestone: Line Corp. CEO Akira Morikawa announces Monday that the number of users of the firm’s instant messaging service has topped 300 million. | KYODO by Tomoko Otake Staff Writer Print: Nov 29, 2013 […]

Drawing the Line on Altering Human Minds

August 6, 2013, 2:14 pm <!– — Updated: 3:42 pm –> By NICK BILTON In my column this week, “Computer-Brain Interfaces Making Big Leaps,” I noted that a number of researchers and scientists were coming closer to technology usually reserved for science fiction: hacking our brains to remove […]

They talked about girls, credit limits and whether anyone listens to CDs any more: Boston carjack victim breaks silence over harrowing 90 minutes with bomb suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

EEV: Article quote ” Danny’s refusal at giving his full Chinese name is telling of his humility, wary of attracting too much attention “ Chinese entrepreneur known only as Danny recalls night of terror that sparked 9,000-strong manhunt Steve Anderson Friday, 26 April 2013 The man taken hostage […]

‘Red October’ has been spying on WORLD LEADERS for 5 years – researchers

New flavour of cyberespionage malware uncovered by security bods By John Leyden Posted in Security, 14th January 2013 18:04 GMT Free whitepaper – Shutterfly and Cleversafe Partner Case Study Security watchers have discovered a malware-based cyber-espionage campaign targeting diplomats, governments and scientific research institutions worldwide. Operation Red October has […]

Samsung accused of exploiting younger workers in China

Workers barred from sitting during shifts and some suffer physical and verbal abuse, alleges China Labor Watch Charles Arthur and agencies guardian.co.uk,             Wednesday 5 September 2012 11.04 EDT A Samsung production line in South Korea. The electronics company is accused of exploiting workers in China. Photograph: Choi […]

Security rules for Democratic National Convention cause concern: Banned: handbags, backpacks, soda cans, drink coolers, scarves, bike helmets, baby strollers, and non-service animals” within the hundred-square-block event zone

By Muriel Kane Sunday, September 2, 2012 20:19 EDT A new ordinance for “extraordinary events” put in place by the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, which is hosting the Democratic National Convention this week, have left attendees as well as protesters uncertain of what seemingly innocent possessions might […]