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161st Health Research Report 10 AUG 2013 – Synopsis

http://www.healthresearchreport.me      In this issue: 1.       Plant-Based Compound May Inhibit HIV Infection, Research Shows 2.       Methamphetamine increases susceptibility to deadly fungal infection 3.       Exercise May be the Best Medicine for Alzheimer’s 4.       Study finds evidence of nerve damage in around half of fibromyalgia patients 5.       Blocking sugar […]

These Mini-Bots Were Made for Walking: Cells Power Biological Machines: non-electronic biological machines

Miniature “bio-bots” developed at the University of Illinois are made of hydrogel and heart cells, but can walk on their own. (Credit: Elise A. Corbin) ScienceDaily (Nov. 15, 2012) — They’re soft, biocompatible, about 7 millimeters long — and, incredibly, able to walk by themselves. Miniature “bio-bots” developed […]

Brain waves reveal video game aptitude

Contact: Diana Yates diya@illinois.edu 217-333-5802 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Scientists report that they can predict who will improve most on an unfamiliar video game by looking at their brain waves. IMAGE:University of Illinois postdoctoral researcher Kyle Mathewson and his colleagues discovered that they […]

GM corn loses its edge against pests

YOU can’t keep a bad pest down. Corn rootworms in the US may have developed resistance to a protective chemical made by a genetically modified corn. The US Environmental Protection Agency announced last week that it plans to investigate the pest’s resilience. Corn rootworms are one of the […]