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Robots That Perceive the World Like Humans

ScienceDaily (Oct. 18, 2012) — Perceive first, act afterwards.The architecture of most of today’s robots is underpinned by this control strategy. The eSMCs project has set itself the aim of changing the paradigm and generating more dynamic computer models in which action is not a mere consequence of […]

Young blood really is the key to youth

HUMANS are constantly searching for an elixir of youth – could it be that an infusion of young blood holds the key? 18 October 2012 by Helen Thomson, New Orleans Magazine issue 2887.  Subscribe and save This seems to be true for mice, at least. According to research […]

Technology for the body on the road to cyborgs?

October 8,  2012 Sarah Bakewell Speakers at a symposium on body-enhancement technology raised  the idea that we may converge with our technology to the point that a superhuman  entity emerges. The Terminator … an infamous cyborg. On September 2, 2010, Karen Throsby became the 1153rd person to swim […]