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32nd Health Research Report 11 JUN 2008 – Reconstructed

32nd Health Research Report 11 JUN 2008 – Reconstructed       Editors Top Five:   1.      US reporters often do a poor job of reporting about new medical treatments 2.      Pycnogenol improved diabetes control and reduced antihypertensive medications 3.      How advanced prostate cancer becomes resistant to androgen-deprivation therapy 4.      Is tap water […]

23rd Health Research Report 23 JAN 2008 – Reconstructed

Health Technology Research Synopsis 23rd Issue Date 22 JAN 2008 Compiled By Ralph Turchiano Editors Top Five: 1.      Lipoic acid could reduce atherosclerosis, weight gain 2.      Probiotics affect metabolism, says new study 3.      Value of drugs for pre-osteoporosis exaggerated 4.      Selective reporting of antidepressant trials exaggerates drug effectiveness […]