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USAID got Maidan coup up and running – media

3 March 2014, 11:29 EEV: Needs to be validated, separating propaganda (i.e. Voice of Russia) from fact requires time. George Soros has a long history of interfering in national politics (i.e. Balkan Conflict ), Open Society  in the Ukraine, U.S. Presidency etc.. So it is possible, yet requires secondary […]

Soros bets big on market crash

EEV: Needs additional validation. Market trolling is not uncommon. Tuesday, 18 February 2014 A curious finding emerged in the latest 13F by Soros Fund Management, the family office investment vehicle managing the personal wealth of George Soros. Actually, two curious findings: the first was that the disclosed Assets […]

Reuters accidentally publishes George Soros obituary

Reports of George Soros’ death have been greatly exaggerated, after Reuters accidentally published a story stating that the billionaire financier had passed away. Reports of George Soros’ death have been greatly exaggerated Photo: AFP   By Andrew Trotman 12:15AM BST 19 Apr 2013 The news agency’s website carried a […]