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Monsato GMO crops damage red blood cells, organs

Photo: EPA Studies are now showing that Monsanto crops damage red blood cells which are responsible for delivering oxygen to the body. And without functioning red blood cells, our bodies are in critical condition — desperate for life support.  The bad news about Monsanto can seem like an overwhelming […]

Genetically modified food should be grown and sold widely in Britain and consumer opposition to the technology is a “complete nonsense”, the Cabinet minister in charge of food and farming has said.

EEV: His Argument is based upon 100% absolutes of  consumption, pesticide reduction, and fear. Please refer to just one simple article linked here: Aquatic Weed Killer Allowed on Cotton just listing 1 article as a counter to his open scientific ignorance. We can go into destruction of biodiversity next, […]

Answers to critics: Why there is a long term toxicity due to NK603 Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize and to a Roundup herbicide

Universally Available Gilles-Eric Séralini, , Robin Mesnage, Nicolas Defarge, Steeve Gress University of Caen, Institute of Biology, EA2608, CRIIGEN and Network on Risks, MRSH-CNRS, Esplanade de la Paix, 14032 Caen Cedex, France Didier Hennequin University of Caen, Network on Risks, MRSH-CNRS, Bd Maréchal Juin, 14032 Caen Cedex, France […]

French team claim bestselling brand of GM ( Monsanto) corn caused tumours and multiple organ damage: GMO Proponents go into Damage Control

Fresh row over GM foods as French study claims rats fed the controversial crops suffered tumours French team claim bestselling brand of GM corn caused tumours and multiple organ damage Leading scientists have questioned the study and its results, claiming it has ‘no value’ By Daily Mail Reporter […]

Monsanto Roundup weedkiller and GM maize implicated in ‘shocking’ new cancer study: ” Mammary tumours, severe liver and kidney damage as early as four months”

19 Sep 2012 | By Elinor Zuke The world’s best-selling weedkiller, and a genetically modified maize resistant to it, can cause tumours, multiple organ damage and lead to premature death, new research published today reveals. In the first ever study to examine the long-term effects of Monsanto’s Roundup […]

Move Over, Frankenfish—Now We Have Frankenapples!

Posted By ANH-USA On July 24, 2012 @ 3:00 pm Apples genetically engineered not to turn brown when sliced or bruised. And new, unnatural proteins are being created in the process. Action Alert! [1] The “Arctic Apple,” engineered by the British Columbia–based Okanagan Specialty Fruits, thinks the non-browning […]