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RNA-interference pesticides will need special safety testing

Contact: Tim Beardsley tbeardsley@aibs.org 703-674-2500 x326 American Institute of Biological Sciences A new technology for creating pesticides and pest-resistant crops could have effects on beneficial species that current toxicity testing will miss Standard toxicity testing is inadequate to assess the safety of a new technology with potential for […]

Unapproved genetically engineered wheat has been discovered in an Oregon field : Discovery could have far-reaching implications for US wheat industry

Genetically modified wheat found in Oregon field raises trade concerns Discovery could have far-reaching implications for US wheat industry if growth of Monsanto crop turns out to be far-flung    Associated Press in Washington guardian.co.uk,    Wednesday 29 May 2013 17.35 EDT No genetically engineered wheat has been approved […]

Scientists genetically modify cows to remove their horns in health and safety bid to cut the risk of injury to farmers and other animals: Program starts in the Midwest of America, within weeks.

Genetically  modified cow will be same as other livestock minus the horns Scientists  to use sophisticated gene-editing technique to add extra DNA Will mean  farmers no longer have to burn off horn buds in young  animals By  James Rush PUBLISHED: 19:58 EST, 27  April 2013 |  UPDATED: 20:06 […]

Genetically modified food should be grown and sold widely in Britain and consumer opposition to the technology is a “complete nonsense”, the Cabinet minister in charge of food and farming has said.

EEV: His Argument is based upon 100% absolutes of  consumption, pesticide reduction, and fear. Please refer to just one simple article linked here: Aquatic Weed Killer Allowed on Cotton just listing 1 article as a counter to his open scientific ignorance. We can go into destruction of biodiversity next, […]

Smart bio-weapons are now possible

* Repost for Filing David Hears The Guardian,  Tuesday 20 May 2003 10.41 EDT Viruses and bacteria could be genetically engineered to evade the human immune system, to create a more effective biological weapon, a leading researcher into bio-weapons said yesterday. In the past 30 years biotechnology has been […]

Cows genetically modified to improve flavour

Scientists in China have created genetically modified cattle designed to   produce tastier beef. For chefs and food-lovers, the perfect steak has long been the holy grail. Now scientists in China have joined the search, by creating genetically   modified cattle which they say are designed to produce tastier beef. […]

Move Over, Frankenfish—Now We Have Frankenapples!

Posted By ANH-USA On July 24, 2012 @ 3:00 pm Apples genetically engineered not to turn brown when sliced or bruised. And new, unnatural proteins are being created in the process. Action Alert! [1] The “Arctic Apple,” engineered by the British Columbia–based Okanagan Specialty Fruits, thinks the non-browning […]