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The ” Lagarde List “

Editor’s Note (Ralph Turchiano) Re-Post Request for cross reference HSBC and Panama files. Original Post date 28 October 2012 Engineering Evil : Authenticity Still Requires further verification Being on a List does not imply guilt Current Source Info: Zougla Keep Talking Greece “Clicking on each image will open an […]

Athens bans protests for EU meeting

  Greek police have banned protests in central Athens ahead of a meeting of EU finance ministers in the capital. Demonstrators will be barred from areas including Syntagma Square, the focus of recent anti-austerity protests. EU finance ministers are expected to sign off the next instalment of Greece’s […]

11 EU countries okay transactions tax

Jan 22, 2013 20:18 Moscow Time The finance ministers of 11 European Union countries supported the idea of a financial transactions tax at a meeting in Luxemburg on Tuesday. The agreement is yet to be finalized, but the key principles have already been formulated – a tax rate […]

Troika report on Greece could be delayed until US election: The Obama administration doesn’t want anything on a macroeconomic scale that is going to rock the global economy before November 6,”

An EU-IMF report on Greece’s debt could be delayed until after November 6, EU officials and diplomats say. The EU politicians want to avoid any shock to the global economy before the US presidential election, Reuters said. The report by the “troika” – the European Commission, European Central […]