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FDA fails to withdraw unproven blood pressure drug that has been on the market for 18 years in spite of the manufacturer’s failure to submit evidence that it actually helps patients

Public release date: 16-Aug-2010 – HRR: UPDATE As of 15 FEB 2014 ProAmatine or generic versions are still on the market being prescribed – According to the GAO, the FDA has never once pulled a drug off the market due to missing or unimpressive follow-up data – company has […]

FDA – 2012 law now in effect which lifts conflict of interest restrictions on FDA advisory panels

Contact: Kathy Fackelmann kfackelmann@gwu.edu 202-994-8354 George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services Conflict-of-interest restrictions needed to ensure strong FDA review Panel members with ties to industry might lead to approval of unsafe drugs, new analysis suggests WASHINGTON, DC—A 2012 law that loosened conflict-of-interest restrictions for […]

FDA redactions policy violates Freedom of Information Act / Conceals Drug and Medical device dangers form the public

Open gov’t groups: FDA redactions rules skirt law Transparency groups: Long-standing FDA redactions policy violates Freedom of Information Act By Matthew Perrone, AP Health Writer | Associated Press – 22 hrs ago   WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal policy that allows the Food and Drug Administration to withhold key details […]

The Irradiation Loophole

Posted By ANH-USA On January 8, 2013 @ 9:00 pm Is this the FDA’s idea of food safety? Action Alert! [1]   The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) became law in 2010. We, along with other consumer groups, were able to block some of the worst provisions of the proposed bill, but […]

New task force report on bisphosphonate use and atypical femur fractures in osteoporosis patients: 94 percent (291) of patients had taken the drugs, most for more than five years

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Sara Knoll sknoll@burnesscommunications.com 301-652-1558 Burness Communications Expert panel calls for additional product labeling, international patient registry Washington, DC, SEPTEMBER 14, 2010– A widely prescribed class of drugs is highly effective in reducing common bone fractures in people with osteoporosis, but an expert […]

Think that’s ACTUAL fruit in your cereal? How food companies replace the real deal with ‘imposter’ sugar balls and soybean oil

Consumer watchdogs warn lebals are fooling  us with high-sugar ‘fruit imposters’ inside packaging promising ‘real fruit,  full of vitamins’ The FDA permits labels to say ‘real fruit’  as long as the word ‘flavoured’ also appears on the  packaging By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED:12:41 EST, 14  November 2012| UPDATED:18:15 […]

GAO: FDA fails to follow up on unproven drugs ” FDA has never pulled a drug off the market due to a lack of required follow-up about its actual benefits”

2009 report posted for filing   By MATTHEW PERRONE, AP Business Writer Matthew Perrone, Ap Business Writer   WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration has allowed drugs for cancer and other diseases to stay on the market even when follow-up studies showed they didn’t extend patients’ lives, […]

Antipsychotic Drugmakers Target Marketing Dollars at D.C. Medicaid Psychiatrists, Study Indicates: Prescribing Antipsychotics to non psychotic Children

ScienceDaily (Sep. 26, 2012) — The D.C. Department of Health (DOH) has released a study by George Washington University School of Public Health & Health Services (SPHHS) indicating the high levels of marketing by antipsychotic drug manufacturers to Medicaid psychiatrists in the District of Columbia. Antipsychotics are one […]

Toxic drugs, toxic system: Sociologist predicts drug disasters “Drug disasters are literally built into the current system of drug testing and approvals in the United States,”

Repost 2008 Contact: Jackie Cooper jcooper@asanet.org 202-247-9871 American Sociological Association Study says harm from prescription drugs growing, cites fatal flaws in drug testing, approval and marketing BOSTON — Americans are likely to be exposed to unacceptable side effects of FDA-approved drugs such as Vioxx in the future because […]

29th Health Research Report 29 APR 2008 – Reconstruction

  Editors Top Five:   1.      High blood pressure may protect against migraine 2.      Study shows pine bark naturally reduces osteoarthritis 3.      Life expectancy worsening or stagnating for large segment of the US population 4.      Study reveals inaccuracies in studies of cancer treatment 5.      Study says FDA allowed risky tests of blood substitutes […]

FDA ties pneumonia deaths to infant vaccine

Repost from 2008   WASHINGTON – GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s rotavirus vaccine is associated with increased pneumonia-related deaths and other adverse reactions, U.S. regulatory staff said in documents posted on Friday. The review comes ahead of a Food and Drug Administration advisory meeting next Wednesday to consider approval of the […]

Teething Baby? Avoid Benzocaine, FDA Says

SUNDAY, July 29 (HealthDay News) — Parents should not use benzocaine products to relieve teething pain in babies except under the  advice and supervision of a health care professional, the U.S. Food and  Drug Administration says. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic found in over-the-counter products  such as Anbesol, […]

Dausey calls BPA ban ‘hollow victory’

Jul 23, 2012 | Posted in News Releases The FDA says baby bottles and sippy cups can no longer contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), an endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen. But what about the hundreds of other plastic items, from water bottles to dental sealants, containing BPA? The FDA didn’t […]