Doctors Group Sues FDA, Saying Drug Does More Harm Than Good

roflumilast, a drug used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease   By ELIZABETH WARMERDAM   LOS ANGELES (CN) – A physicians group sued the U.S. FDA, seeking revocation of FDA approval of roflumilast, a drug used to treat chronic obstructive… Read More ›

New task force report on bisphosphonate use and atypical femur fractures in osteoporosis patients: 94 percent (291) of patients had taken the drugs, most for more than five years

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Sara Knoll sknoll@burnesscommunications.com 301-652-1558 Burness Communications Expert panel calls for additional product labeling, international patient registry Washington, DC, SEPTEMBER 14, 2010– A widely prescribed class of drugs is highly effective in reducing common bone… Read More ›

Toxic drugs, toxic system: Sociologist predicts drug disasters “Drug disasters are literally built into the current system of drug testing and approvals in the United States,”

Repost 2008 Contact: Jackie Cooper jcooper@asanet.org 202-247-9871 American Sociological Association Study says harm from prescription drugs growing, cites fatal flaws in drug testing, approval and marketing BOSTON — Americans are likely to be exposed to unacceptable side effects of FDA-approved… Read More ›