New study highlights strong anti-cancer properties of soybeans: inhibited cancer cell growth by 73% for colon cancer, 70% for liver cancer and 68% for lung cancer

Contact: Sacha Boucherie S.Boucherie@elsevier.com 31-204-853-564 Elsevier First study to report that proteins found in soybeans, could inhibit growth of colon, liver and lung cancers, published in Food Research International Soybean meal is a bi-product following oil extraction from soybean seeds…. Read More ›

Commentary on The Video: Fundamentalist Vaccine Penatgon Using Vaccines to Alter Human Behavior VMAT2 Gene – Followed by, Change in Human Social Behavior in Response to a Common Vaccine Abstract , & Article On VMAT2

There is currently no way to confirm the data in this Video……. Chances are without any confirming data, it will be deemed a fake… This video, and the Vaccine Data has been circulating close to two years now. If it… Read More ›