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Cognitive decline reversed 30 years in 6 weeks

Cognitive decline reversed 30 years in 6 weeks Cognitive decline reversed 30 years in 6 weeks After just 1 ½ months, participants increased their cognitive abilities to levels similar to those of middle-aged adults, 30 years younger. Control group members, who did not take classes, showed no change […]

‘Hip-hop’ students unfairly targeted, study finds

Published: Jan. 10, 2014 Black and Latino “hip-hop” students are disproportionately punished in urban schools, finds a two-year study that sheds light on some of the unfair disciplinary practices newly targeted by the Obama administration. Muhammad Khalifa, a Michigan State University assistant professor of education, found that students […]

The perks of US education standards: ‘’Who is Fidel Castro?’ – ‘A singer?’ “About 95% failed to name the winners and the losers in WWII”

EEV: Needs second source confirmation The perks of US education standards: ‘’Who is Fidel Castro?’ – ‘A singer?’ After graduating from American high schools, many children of wealthy Tajik, Kyrgyz and Uzbek families have failed entrance exams at universities in their home countries. English proved to be their […]

CIA Vaccine Hoax Condemned By Public Health Deans

  William McGuinness william.mcguinness@huffingtonpost.com Posted: 01/10/2013  5:41 pm EST  |  Updated: 01/10/2013  6:32 pm EST University public health schools’ deans say health workers should be off limits. Public health school deans from prominent colleges and universities across the country have signed a letter condemning a hoax the Central Intelligence Agency […]

Kids face developmental difficulties

Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 Jiji Some 6.5 percent of Japanese elementary and junior high school students may have developmental disorders, an education ministry survey said Wednesday.   The survey, conducted in February and March, was based on the evaluations of teachers rather than doctors of some 53,800 randomly […]

Rodent study finds artificial butter chemical harmful to lungs: inhaled diacetyl vapors for three months, developed lymphocytic bronchiolitis

Contact: Robin Mackar rmackar@niehs.nih.gov 919-541-0073 NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences A new study shows that exposure to a chemical called diacetyl, a component of artificial butter flavoring, can be harmful to the nose and airways of mice. Scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), […]

Only about 33% of Lead Nurses use Evidence-Based Patient Care – ” the longer nurses had been working in health care, the less interested they were in learning more about evidence-based practice.”

Nurse Leader Resistance Perceived as a Barrier to High-Quality, Evidence-Based Patient Care COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new national survey of more than 1,000 registered nurses suggests that serious barriers – including resistance from nursing leaders – prevent nurses from implementing evidence-based practices that improve patient outcomes. When survey […]

Aggression as rewarding as sex, food and drugs

Contact: Melanie Moran melanie.moran@vanderbilt.edu 615-322-2706 Vanderbilt University NASHVILLE, Tenn.—New research from Vanderbilt University shows for the first time that the brain processes aggression as a reward – much like sex, food and drugs – offering insights into our propensity to fight and our fascination with violent sports like […]