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Earth’s water is older than the sun

Water Through Time Caption: This is an illustration of water in our Solar System through time from before the Sun’s birth through the creation of the planets. = Washington, D.C.—Water was crucial to the rise of life on Earth and is also important to evaluating the possibility of […]

Climate Engineering: minor potential, major side effects

  GEOMAR researchers show limitations and side effects of large-scale climate intervention 25 February 2014/Kiel. With global greenhouse gas emissions continuing to increase proposals to limit the effects of climate change through the large-scale manipulation of the Earth system are increasingly being discussed. Researchers at the GEOMAR Helmholtz […]

Russian reconnaissance satellite to hit Earth Sunday

By Jeremy Kaplan Published February 15, 2014 FoxNews.com Portions of Russia’s defunct Kosmos-1220 satellite will come crashing back to the planet on Sunday following a fiery, uncontrolled descent through the Earth’s atmosphere, Russian officials said. Fragments of the former reconnaissance satellite are expected to survive the high-speed re-entry […]

Geoengineering the climate could reduce vital rains

  October 31, 2013 BOULDER—Although a significant build-up in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would alter worldwide precipitation patterns, a widely discussed technological approach to reduce future global warming would also interfere with rainfall and snowfall, new research shows.   The international study, led by scientists at the […]

400-Meter-Wide Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2032

400-Meter-Wide Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2032 © Fotolia/ Paul Fleet 15:27 17/10/2013 MOSCOW, October 17 (RIA Novosti) – Ukrainian astronomers have discovered a large asteroid that could hit Earth in 2032, though the impact risk is minimal, according to current estimates. The 410-meter-wide (1,350-foot) minor planet, which […]

Life DID begin on Mars – then we all travelled to Earth on a meteorite: Element crucial to the origin of life ‘would only have been available on the red planet’

Thursday, Aug 29 2013 Molybdenum mineral is thought to have been  crucial to the origin of life Material may have been available on the  surface of Mars and not on Earth This could suggest that life came to Earth  on a Martian meteorite By  Ellie Zolfagharifard PUBLISHED: 17:07 […]

Alien megaprojects: The hunt has begun

  09 April 2013 by Stephen Battersby Magazine issue 2911.  Subscribe and save For similar stories, visit the Astrobiology Topic Guide With scans for alien radio signals drawing a blank, three teams are now searching for signs of extraterrestrial engineering ALIENS: where are you? Our hopes of finding […]

One third less life on planet Earth

Contact: F.Ossing ossing@gfz-potsdam.de 49-331-288-1040 Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres New estimate of living biomass Previous estimates about the total mass of all life on our planet have to be reduced by about one third.  This is the result of a study by a German-US science team published […]