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( Milwaukee Domestic Violence Experiment ) Mandatory arrest in domestic violence call-outs causes early death in victims

  Public Release: 2-Mar-2014 – The vast majority of victim deaths following the Milwaukee Domestic Violence Experiment were not murders, accidents or suicides. The victims died from common causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and other internal illnesses. – Among African-American victims, arrest increased early mortality […]

The beautiful ARE the damned: Attractive women more likely to be seen as guilty of murdering their husbands, study shows

Findings  contradict generally held opinion that attractive people are treated more  leniently by the legal system Spanish  researchers also find that women who fit ‘prototype of a battered woman’ more  likely to have self defence story accepted By Damien Gayle PUBLISHED:03:32 EST, 12  October 2012| UPDATED:03:32 EST, 12 […]

Turkish health workers condone wife beating

Domestic violence is an inherent problem in Turkey, and healthcare workers are doing little to combat the prevalence of wife beating, according to research published in the online open access journal, BMC Public Health. A survey of medical personnel reveals that a lack of training and a cultural […]