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Lung Scarring Reversed

Lung Scarring Reversed Lung Scarring ReversedIn an unexpected discovery scientists witnessed fibrosis going into remission and the lungs begin to normalize function in only 4 weeks, with the introduction of RAGE into the cells. Citation:Homeostatic nuclear RAGE–ATM interaction is essential for efficient DNA repair Nucleic Acids Research, Volume […]

Researchers abuzz over caffeine as cancer-cell killer

UAlberta research team uses caffeine and fruit flies to pinpoint genetic pathways that guide DNA repair in cancer cells. Posted by News Staff  April 17, 2013                                      Images showing the normal eye of a fruit fly (left), versus the disfigured eye of a fruit fly fed with a […]

Vitamin D, may protect us from background radiation and could be used as a safe protective agent before or after a low-level nuclear incident

2008 study re-posted for filing Contact: Daniel Hayes dhayes@health.nyc.gov Inderscience Publishers Could vitamin D save us from radiation? Radiological health expert Daniel Hayes, Ph.D., of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene suggests that a form of vitamin D could be one of our body’s […]

Chemotherapy causes a 30 Fold Increase in WNT16B which drives more cancer and resistance (2nd Confirmation)

Public release date: 5-Aug-2012 [ Contact: Kristen Woodward kwoodwar@fhcrc.org 206-667-5095 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Researchers discover new mechanism behind resistance to cancer treatment Finding could lead to development of better therapies SEATTLE – Developing resistance to chemotherapy is a nearly universal, ultimately lethal consequence for cancer patients […]