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‘Hip-hop’ students unfairly targeted, study finds

Published: Jan. 10, 2014 Black and Latino “hip-hop” students are disproportionately punished in urban schools, finds a two-year study that sheds light on some of the unfair disciplinary practices newly targeted by the Obama administration. Muhammad Khalifa, a Michigan State University assistant professor of education, found that students […]

What U.S. Politicians Have a “Chinese Dream” ?

EEV: While I am highly respectful of how the Chinese People. I am concerned  as a U.S. Citizen how our leaders are folding so easy to the Chinese government’s increasing dominance. The subtle play of words from the Peoples Daily of our U.S. politicians China’s Dream is a very powerful psychological message. If you follow the […]

National security for beginners

EEV: requested post. Posted By Thaddeus G. McCotter On 2:21 PM  10/24/2012 @ 2:21 PM In Opinion | Amidst our nation’s rightful focus on our struggling economy, Monday night’s foreign policy debate’s stirring exchanges droned home the point that these internationally challenging times require a re-affirmation of rudimentary […]

Japan shows bomb-detecting plane ticket reader

Oct 04 — AFP Plane passengers could soon be scanned for bombs as they swipe their boarding pass, a Japanese company said Wednesday, unveiling the world’s first explosive-detecting departure gate. Engineers from hi-tech firm Hitachi showcased a machine that blows a short puff of air at a passenger’s […]