A ginkgo biloba extract promotes proliferation of endogenous neural stem cells/ “effectively and safely treats memory loss and cognitive impairments in patients ”

Contact: Meng Zhao 86-138-049-98773 Neural Regeneration Research              IMAGE:   EGb761 improved the proliferation of neural stem cells in the subependymal zone of vascular dementia rats (immunofluorescence staining). The presence of green particles in the nucleus was the… Read More ›

How having an operation can send you delirious: Terrifying post-surgery hallucinations strike up to half of the over-65s: “can also leave people in a permanent state of confusion and suffering from dementia”

By Roger Dobson PUBLISHED:18:46 EST, 10  September 2012| UPDATED:18:46 EST, 10 September 2012 When Gordon Sturmey came around after  surgery, he was convinced people were trying to kill him. He believed a nurse was trying to poison him,  and he… Read More ›