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Teenager who was paralyzed when his drunk driving friend killed four pedestrians is suing the driver’s ‘affluent’ ( Being Rich is a new Legal Defense ) family for $20m as doctors never expect him to recover

Ethan Couch, 16, faced 20 years behind bars for killing four people in a car crash but walked away with 10 years probation Tuesday Youth pastor Brian Jennings; mother and daughter Hollie and Shelby Boyles; and 24-year-old Breanna Mitchell all died in the June 15 accident Sergio Molina, […]

Obamacare website ‘either hacked or will be soon’ Exposing highly sensitive and personal information about US citizens, warns infosec expert

And it won’t be from hacktivists wielding dud ‘Destroy Obama Care’ ray gun By       John Leyden Hackers have thrown multiple attacks at US President Obama’s medical insurance bazaar HealthCare.gov since it went live in October, according to a senior US government official. Acting assistant Homeland Security secretary Roberta […]

CNN boss Jeff Zucker’s son, 15, resigns hours after it’s revealed Cory Booker’s start up put him on the advisory board and gave him stock options

Cory Booker helped found a video  aggregation start up site called Waywire Financial disclosure forms show that he  appointed Jeff Zucker’s 15-year-old son Andrew on the company’s advisory  board Andrew has since quit after his role was  publicized Google’s Eric Schmidt and Booker pal  Oprah Winfrey are both […]

Zimmerman whistle-blower who claimed prosecutors didn’t give defense team all the evidence from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone is fired

In his termination letter Ben Kruidbos  was accused of violating state attorney office policies and  procedures He had informed the defense team that  they hadn’t received all the images and text messages retrieved from Trayvon  Martin’s cell phone The missing content included images of  Martin blowing smoke, holding […]

Syria vows to retaliate against Israel

Photo: EPA A series of massive explosions illuminated the dark sky over Damascus early Sunday, igniting renewed claims that Israel has launched attacks into the war-torn country.  Syria’s government said the explosions were the second Israeli airstrike in three days. The latest target, officials said, was a military […]

Ex-White House doctor: Chris Christie yelled at me over the phone over health concerns

By Arturo Garcia Friday, February 8, 2013 14:49 EST                                          The former White House physician who said she was concerned over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s (R) health should he become president suggested on Thursday that Christie called and lashed out at her after publicly calling her “a […]

‘I was addicted to stealing… and everyone else did it too’: Ex-TSA agent reveals epidemic of thefts from passengers as he admits he took almost $1MILLION in possessions

By Laura Cox PUBLISHED:20:13 EST, 28  September 2012| UPDATED:01:12 EST, 29 September 2012 It was a scandal that rocked the nation – a  New York Transport Security Agency security officer found guilty of stealing  close to $1million worth of belongings from passenger luggage. But according to the convicted […]

Clinton Aide Philippe Reines fires off an angry expletive to reporter Michael Hastings.” Stevens was worried about the security situation in Benghazi for months before the attack”

State Department Aide Tells Reporter to ‘F**k Off’ by Megan McArdle Sep 24, 2012 1:36 PM EDT   I’ve never seen a government official get quite this testy with a reporter. According to BuzzFeed, Clinton aide Philippe Reines sent quite the stream of profanity to one of their […]

Anderson Cooper admits that CNN found slain American ambassador’s journal inside U.S. consulate in Libya and ‘secretly’ used it in reporting

CNN found Ambassador Christopher Stevens’  personal journal on the floor at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi Journal consisted of seven handwritten pages  in a hard-bound book Network says it notified Stevens’ family at  once and handed over the journal By Snejana Farberov PUBLISHED:12:15 EST, 22  September 2012| UPDATED:14:20 […]

Was the bloody attack on U.S. diplomats preventable? Libyan security official claims he warned Americans about possible hostilities in the country THREE DAYS before assault

Jamal Mabrouk serves with the February 17th  Brigade The Brigade is a Libyan militia affiliated  with the country’s military Mabrouk claims he met with U.S. diplomats to  tell them about the deteriorating security situation By Snejana Farberov PUBLISHED:11:00 EST, 16  September 2012| UPDATED:11:49 EST, 16 September 2012 A […]

CNN and the business of state-sponsored TV news

The network is seriously compromising its journalism in the Gulf states by blurring the line between advertising and editorial • Report: why didn’t CNNi air its own ‘iRevolution’ documentary? Glenn Greenwald  guardian.co.uk,             Tuesday 4 September 2012 15.02 EDT CNN’s state-sponsored program on Kazakhstan. Photograph: via CNN Today […]