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Bank of America Alleged Key Word List

Original Article at : http://www.par-anoia.net/releases2013.html#bofa Source from: http://par-anoia.net/assessment/us/bofa/keywords.txt Zerohack Zer0Pwn YourAnonNews Yevgeniy Anikin Yes Men YamaTough Xtreme x-Leader xenu xen0nymous http://www.oem.com.mx http://www.nytimes.com/pages/world/asia/index.html http://www.informador.com.mx http://www.futuregov.asia http://www.cronica.com.mx http://www.asiapacificsecuritymagazine.com Worm Wolfy Withdrawal* WillyFoReal Wikileaks IRC IRC Channel WikiLeaks WiiSpellWhy whitekidney Wells Fargo weed WallRoad w0rmware Vulnerability Vladislav Khorokhorin Visa Inc. […]

Internet Explorer flaw allows Hackers to Track your Mouse; “Almost every US-based user of Internet Explorer will have their mouse cursor tracked via this exploit almost every day “

Author : Mohit Kumar on 12/15/2012 05:09:00 AM A vulnerability in different versions of Microsoft‘s widely used browser Internet Explorer can allow hackers to track the movements of your mouse. Microsoft is investigating reports of a mouse-tracking flaw that puts virtual keyboards and keypads at risk to remote […]