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US to become worlds top oil producer in 2014, break ‘commodity curse’ stereotype

Published time: October 11, 2013 14:11                                                                              AFP Photo / Robyn Beck The IEA says the US will overtake Russia as the biggest oil producer next year, citing the ‘shale revolution’ that has reshaped the global energy market. Some experts believe this will sober Russia and put a lid […]

New Russian rocket battery poor man’s deterrent

© Photo: ru.wikipedia.org/ConcernAgat/cc-by-sa 3.0 How do you deter aggression by a big international bully if you are a small third-world country? North Korea has chosen nukes. Russian military engineers have proposed an alternative option.  They have developed container versions of the widely-exported ship-based Club, or Kalibr, short-range surface-to-surface […]

Wal-Mart Evades Suit Over Exploding Toy

ST. LOUIS (CN) – A man who picked up a malfunctioning battery-operated toy, only to have it explode in his hands, cannot sue Wal-Mart, the 8th Circuit ruled. Jon Sommervold sued the retailer over the 2008 injury because he had bought the toy at its location in Aberdeen, […]

Greeks’ purchasing power halved

Thursday, 07 February 2013 The purchasing power of Greeks has  been halved, shows the survey of the Hellenic Confederation of  Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (GSEVEE).   According to survey results, 8 out of 10 Greeks have  limited their shopping to basic food products, with half of respondents  saying […]

Drugs giant Novartis warns jobs may go overseas: said bringing a drug to an NHS trust, securing clinical trials and getting approval, is inefficient and takes too long

The Government must tackle the red-tape and research hold-ups hampering Britain’s pharmaceutical industry or risk seeing jobs and investment disappear overseas, one of the industry’s leading companies has warned. Novartis global finance director Jon Symonds said that while the UK has made “great strides” in supporting life sciences, […]

Modern alchemy leaches gold from water

28Oct2012 SAINT-PIERRE-LES-NEMOURS, France (AFP)  A small French start-up company is selling a technology with a hint of alchemy: turning water into gold. It does so by extracting from industrial waste water the last traces of any rare — and increasingly valuable — metal. “We leave only a microgramme […]

Montreal water treatment plants dumping as much as 90 times the critical amount of estrogen products into the river

2008 study post for filing Contact: Sylvain-Jacques Desjardins sylvain-jacques.desjardins@umontreal.ca 514-343-7593 University of Montreal ‘Estrogen flooding our rivers,’ Université de Montréal study The Montreal water treatment plant dumps 90 times the critical amount of certain estrogen products into the river. It only takes one nanogram (ng) of steroids per […]