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New Chinese President Xi aims to paint Africa red

Nile Bowie is a political analyst and photographer currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Published time: March 12, 2013 10:51                                                                             China’s Communist Party Chief Xi Jinping (Reuters/Jason Lee) The fact that China’s incoming president, Xi Jinping, is set to visit Africa on his first foreign trip is […]

Isles flare-up will be Japan’s fault, China says”Its reporter mentioned reports that the Chinese military is gearing up for WAR over the isles – a point that Lu did not deny.”

Ho Ai Li The Straits Times Publication Date : 03-03-2013 China yesterday said it will hold Japan responsible for any flare-up over the disputed isles at the centre of the worst tensions between the two countries in 40 years. “If Japan continues its mistaken ways over the Diaoyu […]

China sends three Warships to disputed Islands

Wednesday, 30 January 2013  Three Chinese government ships were sailing in  waters around islands disputed with Japan today, a day after the  Japanese premier suggested a summit could help mend frayed ties. Japan’s coastguard said the maritime surveillance  boats were sailing in waters around a chain of Tokyo-controlled […]

New York Times claims huge attack by Chinese hackers

Stories about wealth of outgoing premier Wen Jiabao appeared to be catalyst for attack, possibly by military, says paper Jonathan Kaiman in Beijing guardian.co.uk, Thursday 31 January 2013 01.02 EST Chinese hackers, possibly from the country’s military, hacked the New York Times’ computers while it was investigating the […]

146th Health Research Report 11 JAN 2013

    In this issue: 1. Foodborne Illness Could Have Sinister Causes : Medications being intentionally added 2. Cholesterol medicine affects energy production in muscles 3. Sublingual immunotherapy shows promise as treatment for peanut allergy 4. Hold the diet soda? Sweetened drinks linked to depression, coffee tied to lower risk 5. Disappearing bacterium […]

Foodborne Illness Could Have Sinister Causes : Medications being intentionally added

Contact: Angela Collom acollom@acponline.org 215-351-2653 American College of Physicians   Observation Article: Foodborne Illness Could Have Sinister Causes Doctors should consider the intentional addition of medicine to food as a potential cause of foodborne disease outbreaks. The World Health Organization suggests possible sources of foodborne disease outbreaks are […]

China weighs into Europe’s austerity battle: depth of public anger in the eurozone could lead to a ‘complete discarding’ of austerity programmes

Top official at China’s £300bn sovereign wealth fund said that the depth of public anger in the eurozone could lead to a ‘complete discarding’ of austerity programmes   Tania Branigan in Beijing and Graeme Wearden guardian.co.uk,   Friday 16 November 2012 13.44 EST Activists dressed as zombies stage a […]

China accepts Japanese runners for Beijing Marathon in about-face

[PR]がんで保険をあきらめている方へ/アメリカンホームのがん保険 BEIJING (Kyodo) — The organizer of the Nov. 25 Beijing Marathon has started accepting applications from Japanese runners, reversing its initial stance of refusing them, Kyodo News learned Sunday. The organizer had earlier removed “Japan” from the nationalities on the application form on its official website, probably […]

Pigeons set China Congress security plans aflutter, as authorities in China ban the words “death”, “die” or “down” from songs on television.

Pigeons set China Congress security plans aflutter By Sui-Lee Wee and Michael Martina BEIJING |Thu Nov 1, 2012 11:27pm EDT (Reuters) – Potentially sinister threats to China’s ruling Communist Party sit unnoticed in cages perched on a rooftop above a small alleyway in southwestern Beijing. Not dissidents. Pigeons. […]

Beijing brands Tokyo’s “persistent defiance” in territorial dispute as “self-deception”: urged Tokyo to abandon its illusion of occupying the islands.

China bins Japan’s claim of easing tension   Zhang Yunbi and Zhao Shengnan China Daily Publication Date : 31-10-2012   Beijing yesterday hit back at claims by Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba that Tokyo was trying to calm tensions with Beijing over the Diaoyu Islands.   It branded […]

Japan says four Chinese ships in disputed waters

NationalOct. 28, 2012 – 03:00PM JST( 0 ) TOKYO  — Four Chinese maritime surveillance ships were spotted in territorial waters around disputed Tokyo-controlled islands on Sunday, Japan’s coast guard said. The ships were earlier sailing in the contiguous zone near the island chain but entered Japan’s 12-nautical-mile territorial […]

New York Times blocked by China after report on wealth of Wen Jiabao’s family

Authorities censor publication after revelations that the premier’s relatives have accumulated billions during his leadership Tania Branigan in Beijing guardian.co.uk, Friday 26 October 2012 05.43 EDT Reports are highly embarassing for China’s premier Wen Jiabao, who has urged officials not to abuse their influence. Photograph: Christophe Karaba/EPA China‘s foreign […]

U.S. team to help defuse isle dispute

Kyodo WASHINGTON — The U.S. government will send a group of former national security officials to Japan and China next week to encourage Tokyo and Beijing to mend diplomatic ties frayed by a territorial dispute, sources said. The U.S. team, including former Deputy Secretary Of State Richard Armitage, […]

Chinese nationalists covet Okinawa

By Kelly Olsen National Oct. 10, 2012 – 04:15PM JST BEIJING — In a glass case at Beijing’s Imperial College, an 18th century book with a yellowed title page in bold, black characters is evidence—some Chinese say—that a swathe of modern-day Japan belongs to China. The two Asian powers […]

Japan may ‘acknowledge’ China’s claim to islets to calm tension

*Engineering Evil: Would like 2nd Confirmation on this claim, before validating it. .This article has now been updated…Please refer to  the link https://engineeringevil.com/2012/10/10/official-chided-for-senkaku-remarks/ . Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012 Kyodo Japan is considering plans to calm tensions with China by acknowledging that Beijing is claiming sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands […]