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Flame retardants may be toxic to children

Contact: Debbie Jacobson djacobson@aap.org 847-434-7084 American Academy of Pediatrics Lower intelligence, hyperactivity seen in children whose mothers were exposed to the chemicals during pregnancy WASHINGTON, DC – Chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) have been used for decades to reduce fires in everyday products such as baby strollers, […]

American Academy of Pediatrics Weighs In For the First Time on Organic Foods for Children ( Actual Press Release from AAP)

10/22/2012 AAP report cites lower pesticides in organic produce and potentially lower risk of exposure to drug-resistant bacteria, but says the most important thing for children is to eat a wide variety of produce, whether it’s conventional or organic Article Body NEW ORLEANS – Parents know it’s important […]

Same Report 2 Titles ( Organic fruit and vegetables are no better for children, pediatricians claim ) – ( American Academy of Pediatrics Reviews The Benefits of Organic Foods )

Article # 1 . 2nd article  at Bottom . 3rd and 4th  article link to the Actual PR release…From the OTA the Other the Original Release from the AAP . OTP Report . AAP Press Release . Organic fruit and vegetables are no better for children, pediatricians  claim […]

Pacifiers may have emotional consequences for boys

Contact: Paula Niedenthal niedenthal@wisc.edu 608-890-4379 University of Wisconsin-Madison MADISON — Pacifiers may stunt the emotional development of baby boys by robbing them of the opportunity to try on facial expressions during infancy. Three experiments by a team of researchers led by psychologists from the University of Wisconsin–Madison tie […]

Having a tonsillectomy can cause Obesity

Contact: David March dmarch1@jhmi.edu 410-955-1534 Johns Hopkins Medicine Age, not underlying diagnosis, key factor in weight gain in children after tonsillectomy Potentially worrisome weight gains following tonsillectomy occur mostly in children under the age of 6, not in older children, a study by Johns Hopkins experts in otolaryngology- […]

Teething Baby? Avoid Benzocaine, FDA Says

SUNDAY, July 29 (HealthDay News) — Parents should not use benzocaine products to relieve teething pain in babies except under the  advice and supervision of a health care professional, the U.S. Food and  Drug Administration says. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic found in over-the-counter products  such as Anbesol, […]