How to erase a memory — and restore it

  Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have erased and reactivated memories in rats, profoundly altering the animals’ reaction to past events.   The study, published in the June 1 advanced online issue of the… Read More ›

Green tea chemical combined with another may hold promise for treatment of brain disorders: EGCG, can prevent and destroy a variety of protein structures known as amyloids

2009 study posted for filing Contact: patti Jacobs 617-864-2712 Boston Biomedical Research Institute Watertown, MA—Scientists at Boston Biomedical Research Institute (BBRI) and the University of Pennsylvania have found that combining two chemicals, one of which is the green tea… Read More ›

Oxidative stress: Mechanism of cell death clarified: ” this cell death could be completely prevented by Vitamin E, but not by water-soluble antioxidants”

2008 Posted for filing Contact: Heinz-Jörg Haury 49-893-187-2460 Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health Life processes in cells require a reducing environment that needs to be sustained with the help of a large number of… Read More ›

28th Health Research Report 15 APR 2008 – Reconstructed   Editors Top Five:   1.      Feta cheese made from raw milk has natural anti-food-poisoning properties 2.      ‘Healing clays’ show promise for fighting deadly MRSA superbug infections, other diseases 3.      Stanford researcher criticizes FDA plans to reduce oversight of… Read More ›

22nd Health Research Report 8 JAN 2008 – Reconstruction

Follow Link Below: Health Technology Research Synopsis 22nd Issue Date 8 JAN 2008 Compiled By Ralph Turchiano Editors Top Five: 1.      The Cost of Pushing Pills: A New Estimate of Pharmaceutical Promotion Expenditures in the… Read More ›