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A vaccine-derived strain of poliovirus that has spread in recent years is serious but it can be tackled with an existing vaccine

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Laura Gallagher 44-020-759-48432 Imperial College London Polio research gives new insight into tackling vaccine-derived poliovirus A vaccine-derived strain of poliovirus that has spread in recent years is serious but it can be tackled with an existing vaccine, according to a new […]

Blueberry ameliorates hepatic fibrosis

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Ye-Ru Wang 86-105-908-0039 World Journal of Gastroenterology Conventional drugs used in the treatment of liver diseases inevitably have side effects. An increasing number of natural substances have been studied to explore if they have protective effects on the liver. Blueberries have […]

Molecular link between diabetes and schizophrenia connects food and mood

2010 study posted for filing   Contact: Leigh MacMillan 615-322-4747 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Defects in insulin function – which occur in diabetes and obesity – could directly contribute to psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia. Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigators have discovered a molecular link between impaired insulin […]

Green tea extract appears to keep cancer in check in majority of CLL patients

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Karl Oestreich 507-284-5005 Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic has conducted the first clinical studies of tea extract in cancer patients CHICAGO — ASCO Abstract Number: 6522 ( An extract of green tea appears to have clinical activity with low toxicity in chronic […]

WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies” – FULL report from the BMJ and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism 2010

2010 report posted for filing Conflicts of Interest WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies” Deborah Cohen, features editor, BMJ, Philip Carter, journalist, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, London Key scientists advising the World Health Organization on planning for an influenza pandemic had done paid work for pharmaceutical […]

You have no natural right to food

2010 report posted for filing.   The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF), an organization whose mission includes “defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods”, recently filed a lawsuit against the FDA for its ban […]

High-fat ketogenic diet effectively treats persistent childhood seizures

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Ekaterina Pesheva 410-516-4996 Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions The high-fat ketogenic diet can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate debilitating seizures in most children with infantile spasms, whose seizures persist despite medication, according to a Johns Hopkins Children’s Center study published online April […]

New evidence caffeine may slow Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, restore cognitive function

2010 study posted fro filing Contact: Astrid Engelen 31-206-883-355 IOS Press Researchers explore potential benefits of caffeine in special supplement to the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 17, 2010 – Although caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug worldwide, its potential beneficial effect […]

82nd Health Research Report 31 MAY 2010 – Reconstruction

Health Research Report 82nd Issue 31 May 2010 Compiled By Ralph Turchiano In this Issue: 1. Long-term use of vitamin E may decrease COPD risk 2. Eating processed meats, but not unprocessed red meats, may raise risk of heart disease and diabetes 3. Most patients […]

Drugs giant Novartis warns jobs may go overseas: said bringing a drug to an NHS trust, securing clinical trials and getting approval, is inefficient and takes too long

The Government must tackle the red-tape and research hold-ups hampering Britain’s pharmaceutical industry or risk seeing jobs and investment disappear overseas, one of the industry’s leading companies has warned. Novartis global finance director Jon Symonds said that while the UK has made “great strides” in supporting life sciences, […]