How can humans keep the upper hand on artificial intelligence?

Public Release: 4-Dec-2017   EPFL researchers have shown how human operators can maintain control over a system comprising several agents that are guided by artificial intelligence Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne   IMAGE: The researchers from right to left: Rachid… Read More ›

Google says its artificial intelligence has taught itself to ‘translate between languages that it doesn’t even know’ | Daily Mail Online

‘Zero-shot translation’ can translate between languages it doesn’t know Deep-learning researchers developed Google Neural Machine Translation GNMT developed algorithm that ‘self-teaches’ it to translate languages  By ARIEL ZILBER FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 10:58 EST, 27 November 2016 | UPDATED: 14:11 EST,… Read More ›

Chips that mimic the brain

Contact: Giacomo Indiveri 41-446-353-024 University of Zurich No computer works as efficiently as the human brain – so much so that building an artificial brain is the goal of many scientists. Neuroinformatics researchers from the University of Zurich and… Read More ›

The Internet of Things will transform our everyday: Objects in the home or office will “converse”, understand each other, and share information

Contact: Heikki Ailisto 358-207-222-233 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Internet of Things is the next ICT disruption Information technology and electronics are becoming entwined with our everyday lives in industry, the service sector, transport, logistics, health care, housing,… Read More ›