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Empowering robots for ethical behavior

Public Release: 18-Jul-2017   Researchers have developed a concept called Empowerment to help robots and humans to work and live side-by-side safely and effectively Frontiers Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK have developed a concept called Empowerment to help robots to protect and serve humans, […]

Machines will soon know how to make you cry

Public Release: 9-Mar-2017 Songs that make robots cry Osaka University   IMAGE: This is a Brain Music EEG headset. Credit: Osaka University Music, more than any art, is a beautiful mix of science and emotion. It follows a set of patterns almost mathematically to extract feelings from its […]

Google says its artificial intelligence has taught itself to ‘translate between languages that it doesn’t even know’ | Daily Mail Online

‘Zero-shot translation’ can translate between languages it doesn’t know Deep-learning researchers developed Google Neural Machine Translation GNMT developed algorithm that ‘self-teaches’ it to translate languages  By ARIEL ZILBER FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 10:58 EST, 27 November 2016 | UPDATED: 14:11 EST, 27 November 2016 Google has built an algorithm […]

Major breakthrough in Cyborg Technology

Public Release: 15-Nov-2016 Researchers create living bio-hybrid system Interdisciplinary approach makes linking biological materials and electronic devices possible American Institute of Physics   These are immunofluorescence analysis of SH-SY5Y cells treated for 5 days with 10uM Retinoic Acid and 50ng/ml BDNF for the next 3 days. The DAPI […]

Artificial intelligence replaces physicists

Public Release: 16-May-2016   Physicists are putting themselves out of a job, using artificial intelligence to run a complex experiment Australian National University Physicists are putting themselves out of a job, using artificial intelligence to run a complex experiment. The experiment, developed by physicists from The Australian National […]

Building living, breathing supercomputers

Public Release: 26-Feb-2016   Discovery opens doors to creation of biological supercomputers that are about the size of a book McGill University IMAGE: Protein molecules travel around the circuit, forced in certain directions in directed ways, a bit like cars and trucks travelling through a city to arrive […]

UW roboticists learn to teach robots from babies

Public Release: 1-Dec-2015 Collaboration combines child development research with machine learning approaches University of Washington A collaboration between UW developmental psychologists and computer scientists aims to enable robots to learn in the same way that children naturally do. The team used research on how babies follow an adult’s […]

Chips that mimic the brain

Contact: Giacomo Indiveri 41-446-353-024 University of Zurich No computer works as efficiently as the human brain – so much so that building an artificial brain is the goal of many scientists. Neuroinformatics researchers from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich have now made a breakthrough in […]

Creating indestructible self-healing circuits

Contact: Brian Bell 626-395-5832 California Institute of Technology Caltech engineers build electronic chips that repair themselves PASADENA, Calif.—Imagine that the chips in your smart phone or computer could repair and defend themselves on the fly, recovering in microseconds from problems ranging from less-than-ideal battery power to total […]

Cloud-computing platform for robots launched

Contact: Markus Waibel 41-446-323-192 ETH Zurich An Internet for robots Researchers of five European universities have developed a cloud-computing platform for robots. The platform allows robots connected to the Internet to directly access the powerful computational, storage, and communications infrastructure of modern data centers – the giant […]

Blueprint for an artificial brain

Published 26. February 2013, 15:18 h     Bielefeld physicist Andy Thomas takes nature as his model   Scientists have long been dreaming about building a computer that would work like a brain. This is because a brain is far more energy-saving than a computer, it can learn […]

Killer robots must be stopped, say campaigners

‘Autonomous weapons’, which could be ready within a decade, pose grave risk to international law, claim activists Tracy McVeigh The Observer, Saturday 23 February 2013 16.52 EST A scene from the 2003 film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Scientists say killer robots are not science fiction. Photograph: […]

Israel’s killer robot cars

   Posted By John ReedTuesday, November 20, 2012 – 12:33 PM As Israeli ground forces literally stand on the brink of invading Gaza, they are likely being aided by the world’s first operational unmanned ground vehicle, the Guardium, which is already prowling the borderbetween Israel and Gaza. Looking […]

These Mini-Bots Were Made for Walking: Cells Power Biological Machines: non-electronic biological machines

Miniature “bio-bots” developed at the University of Illinois are made of hydrogel and heart cells, but can walk on their own. (Credit: Elise A. Corbin) ScienceDaily (Nov. 15, 2012) — They’re soft, biocompatible, about 7 millimeters long — and, incredibly, able to walk by themselves. Miniature “bio-bots” developed […]

Titan Supercomputer Debuts: Computer Churns Through More Than 20,000 Trillion Calculations Each Second

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is home to Titan, the world’s most powerful supercomputer for open science with a theoretical peak performance exceeding 20 petaflops (quadrillion calculations per second). That kind of computational capability—almost unimaginable—is on par with each of the world’s 7 billion people being able to carry […]

Robots That Perceive the World Like Humans

ScienceDaily (Oct. 18, 2012) — Perceive first, act afterwards.The architecture of most of today’s robots is underpinned by this control strategy. The eSMCs project has set itself the aim of changing the paradigm and generating more dynamic computer models in which action is not a mere consequence of […]

The Internet of Things will transform our everyday: Objects in the home or office will “converse”, understand each other, and share information

Contact: Heikki Ailisto 358-207-222-233 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Internet of Things is the next ICT disruption Information technology and electronics are becoming entwined with our everyday lives in industry, the service sector, transport, logistics, health care, housing, education, and our leisure time, almost without our […]

Mother Nature, Version 2.0

Welcome to the world of synthetic biology, where micro-organisms can be programmed to invade and destroy cancer cells By    SCOTT GOTTLIEB It once seemed that the most profound feats stemming from DNA-based science would spring from our ability to read and detect genes, which we call the science […]