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First gene therapy successful against human aging

Public Release: 21-Apr-2016   American woman gets biologically younger after gene therapies Biogerontology Research Foundation In September 2015, then 44 year-old CEO of BioViva USA Inc. Elizabeth Parrish received two of her own company’s experimental gene therapies: one to protect against loss of muscle mass with age, another […]

The Original Extraterrestrial DNA Research

“Being energy-efficient (Rose & Wright, 2004) and self-replicating, the biological channel is also free  from problems peculiar to radio signals: there is no need to rely on time of arrival, frequency and direction.” Full PDF in a clean format HERE: *(Site Moderator Ralph Turchiano) Links in the research […]

Antibiotic effectiveness imperiled as Antibiotic consumption in livestock worldwide could rise by 67 percent between 2010 and 2030

Public Release: 26-Mar-2015 Antibiotic effectiveness imperiled as use in livestock expected to increase Princeton University Caption Princeton University-led research found that antibiotic consumption in livestock worldwide could rise by 67 percent between 2010 and 2030, and possibly endanger the effectiveness of antimicrobials in humans. Pigs outpace chickens and […]

Do viruses make us smarter? 

Public Release: 12-Jan-2015 A new study from Lund University in Sweden indicates that inherited viruses that are millions of years old play an important role in building up the complex networks that characterise the human brain. Researchers have long been aware that endogenous retroviruses constitute around five per […]

Scientists genetically modify cows to remove their horns in health and safety bid to cut the risk of injury to farmers and other animals: Program starts in the Midwest of America, within weeks.

Genetically  modified cow will be same as other livestock minus the horns Scientists  to use sophisticated gene-editing technique to add extra DNA Will mean  farmers no longer have to burn off horn buds in young  animals By  James Rush PUBLISHED: 19:58 EST, 27  April 2013 |  UPDATED: 20:06 […]

Are we getting more stupid? Researchers claim our intelligence is diminishing as we no longer need it to survive

By Mark Prigg PUBLISHED:13:57 EST, 12  November 2012| UPDATED:14:10 EST, 12 November 2012 Our intelligence and behaviour requires  optimal functioning of a large number of genes, which requires enormous  evolutionary pressures to maintain. Now, in a provocative theory, a team from  Stanford University claim we are losing our […]

A fertility treatment which eliminates hereditary disease by engineering babies to carry healthy DNA from a third biological parent could be legalised next year.

‘Three-parent baby’ fertility technique could be made legal DNA sequence transparency Photo: ALAMY   By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent 12:01AM BST 17 Sep 2012 Members of the public are being asked whether families with a genetic risk of incurable conditions like muscular dystrophy should be allowed to use […]

Learning faster with neurodegenerative disease

Contact: Dr. Christian Beste 49-234-322-4323 Ruhr-University Bochum Huntington’s gene mutation carriers: Severity of the genetic mutation related to learning efficiency People who bear the genetic mutation for Huntington’s disease learn faster than healthy people. The more pronounced the mutation was, the more quickly they learned. This is […]

The malaria species rampant in the Asia-Pacific region has been a significant driver of evolution of the human genome, a new study has shown.

‘Benign’ Malaria Key Driver of Human Evolution in Asia-Pacific ScienceDaily (Sep. 4, 2012) Professor Ivo Mueller led a study that showed the malaria species rampant in the Asia-Pacific region has been a significant driver of evolution of the human genome An international team of researchers has shown that […]

Cows genetically modified to improve flavour

Scientists in China have created genetically modified cattle designed to   produce tastier beef. For chefs and food-lovers, the perfect steak has long been the holy grail. Now scientists in China have joined the search, by creating genetically   modified cattle which they say are designed to produce tastier beef. […]

Big Tobacco knew radioactive particles in cigarettes posed cancer risk but kept quiet

Public release date: 28-Sep-2011 -Requested Repost Contact: Kim Irwin 310-206-2805 University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences Tobacco companies knew that cigarette smoke contained radioactive alpha particles for more than four decades and developed “deep and intimate” knowledge of these particles’ cancer-causing potential, but they deliberately […]