. Biological Warfare

The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives ( Human Population Erosion) ?

Editors Note: ( Ralph Turchiano) – Very controversial and hypothetical,  yet confirmed as a high impact published study. There are two links here to the study, one being the PDF file here and the other to the the study in the Journal Epidemiology:… Read More ›

Poxviruses defeat antiviral defenses by duplicating a gene – Engineered an E3L-deficient strain that was quickly able to increase infectious virus production by selectively increasing the number of copies of the K3L gene in its genome

Contact: Phil Sahm phil.sahm@hsc.utah.edu 801-581-2517 University of Utah Health Sciences Study helps explain how large DNA viruses undergo rapid evolution SALT LAKE CITY – Scientists have discovered that poxviruses, which are responsible for smallpox and other diseases, can adapt to… Read More ›