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Google admits Middle Eastern governments could be spying on its users as it warns of ‘state-sponsored’ hacking attacks

By Hugo Gye PUBLISHED:16:41 EST, 3  October 2012| UPDATED:16:41 EST, 3 October 2012 Google has launched a new effort to warn its  users that they could be the victims of cyberattacks from hostile  governments. Account-holders working in international  relations, development and other sensitive areas have received messages from […]

UPDATE: U.S. investigators FINALLY arrive at at site of Benghazi consulate attack – more than three weeks after terror massacre

Engineering Evil: This is the current up date to the prior article 24 hours ago. In which the Investigators were still not given permission to leave Tripoli. Team that  includes FBI agents shows up at burned out U.S. consulate building on Thursday  morning Secretary  of State Hillary Clinton vows full […]

Multibillion-dollar scheme to set up intelligence ‘fusion centers’ after 9/11 has failed to catch any terrorists, Senate report reveals

77 fusion centers  were created to encourage law enforcement agencies to share  intelligence Report says the  information-sharing effort cost the federal government from  $300million-$1.4billon One fusion center  reported a Muslim community group’s reading list Congress is  likely to keep the fusion center program By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED:07:55 […]

Could your phone be secretly taking pictures right now? How hackers could hijack your camera to spy on you (and even read your chequebook)

Proof of concept ‘PlaiceRaider’ Android app  can turn on your phone’s camera to allow hackers to snoop around your  home Personal data and private moments can be  gleaned from images By Eddie Wrenn PUBLISHED:03:54 EST, 1  October 2012| UPDATED:04:29 EST, 1 October 2012 A new app can ‘virtually […]

Macedonian in Greece killed for refusing to change last name ( ? )

Please Refer to Current  Story Update:   “Samardziev” case, nice work of the Greek Secret Service   *Enginnering Evil:  There are now questions to whether Samardziev had been killed, please read with reserve Sunday, 30 September 2012 Aleksandar Samardziev, an ethnic Macedonian student who was attacked in Solun […]

‘I was addicted to stealing… and everyone else did it too’: Ex-TSA agent reveals epidemic of thefts from passengers as he admits he took almost $1MILLION in possessions

By Laura Cox PUBLISHED:20:13 EST, 28  September 2012| UPDATED:01:12 EST, 29 September 2012 It was a scandal that rocked the nation – a  New York Transport Security Agency security officer found guilty of stealing  close to $1million worth of belongings from passenger luggage. But according to the convicted […]

Trial starts for Pope’s butler who ‘stole and leaked’ papal letters to expose ‘evil and corruption’ in Roman Catholic church

By Ruth Whitehead PUBLISHED:11:11 EST, 29  September 2012| UPDATED:11:11 EST, 29 September 2012 The Vatican today opened the trial of the  Pope’s butler for allegedly stealing and leaking papal correspondence to a  journalist, the worst security breach to occur in the Vatican’s recent  history. Paolo Gabriele, a 46-year-old […]

Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with ‘radioactive’ particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology

By Emily Anne Epstein PUBLISHED:09:16 EST, 29  September 2012| UPDATED:11:21 EST, 29 September 2012 The United States Military conducted top  secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for years, exposing  them to radioactive compounds, a researcher has claimed. While it was known that the government  sprayed […]

China State television on Saturday reported that the country’s navy and air forces conducted joint military exercises with live fire targeting a small island in the East China Sea.

  China’s lines around islands suggest more conflict LOUISE WATT – Associated Press (AP) Posted September 29, 2012 at 4:08 a.m BEIJING (AP) — One of the hottest items in bookstores across China is a map for a place that is closed to visitors, home only to animals […]

China to UN: Japan ‘stole’ islands

Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi, leading China’s delegation at the UN General Assembly, spoke Thursday, a day after a speech in which the Japanese prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, didn’t mention the Diaoyu Islands. Yang said Beijing will “continue to take firm measures” to safeguard the Diaoyus’ territorial sovereignty. […]

Canada won’t say if China involved in hacking incident : cited experts who said digital fingerprints left during the attack pointed to Chinese hackers

2:48pm EDT By David Ljunggren OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada said it was aware hackers had breached security at a domestic manufacturer of software used by big energy companies, but declined to comment on a report that a Chinese group could be responsible. Calgary-based Telvent Canada Ltd, which is […]

Syrian rebels defect to Government forces

Syrian rebels defect Thursday, 27 September 2012 A group of Syrian rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) defected and joined pro-government forces on Wednesday. The troops’ commander announced that “the road is open,” and called on to other rebels to abandon their uprising. ­Eleven rebel troops – […]

Air Force Chief Admits to Cyber Slowness: ” Hostile intrusions into government, private and academic networks are causing the loss of “the equivalent of the Library of Congress” every year”

Sep. 25, 2012 – 03:17PM   | By BRIAN EVERSTINE The new head of the Air Force said he “isn’t exactly sure” what the Air Force is doing in cyberwarfare, and he will wait to invest in cybersecurity until the service can better understand cyber in general to […]