Category: Propaganda – Misinformation

Information backed by poor data, and or conjecture. Intended to mislead, misinform, or shape public opinion in the direction of special interest.

Retraction record rocks community: One of the biggest purges of the scientific literature in history is finally getting under way

Anaesthesiology tries to move on after fraud investigations. David Cyranoski 19 September 2012 One of the biggest purges of the scientific literature in history is finally getting under way. After more than a decade of suspicion about the work of anaesthesiologist Yoshitaka Fujii, formerly of Toho University in Tokyo, […]

Billionaires meet behind closed Doors, to discuss how they are going to better society

!!!This is a Link to the First 2009 Meeting of the Billionaires club with Sir Paul Nurse. It is not what you think.!!! Big hearts but even bigger bank balances: Forbes announces list of America’s  richest people… and the billionaires planning to spread their wealth around By […]

How to confuse a moral compass

Survey ‘magic trick’ causes attitude reversal. Zoë Corbyn 19 September 2012 People can be tricked into reversing their opinions on moral issues, even to the point of constructing good arguments to support the opposite of their original positions, researchers report today in PLoS ONE1. The researchers, led by Lars […]

Psychological Science in the Public Interest claims those that question popular belief lack cognitive effort: Recommends “debiasing” Campaigns

Engineering Evil: A very entertaining article in the venue of double speak. To question scientific conformity is to be in question yourself. 😉 PRESS RELEASE September 19, 2012  For Immediate Release Contact:   Anna Mikulak   Association for Psychological Science   202.293.9300 Misinformation: Psychological Science Shows Why It Sticks and How to […]

Can we engineer love and morality?

By RICHARD WEIKART      The Modesto Bee Published: Sunday, Sep. 16, 2012 –  1:00 am   Recently Oxford philosophy professor Julian Savulescu moved his campaign for “moral enhancement” out of the ivory tower and into the mainstream. This month Reader’s Digest is carrying his article, “It’s Our Duty to […]

One big fraud? Questions over whether ‘$5million’ film that portrayed Mohammed as a pedophile and womanizer AND the producer behind it are fake

‘Innocence of Muslims’ led to protests  across Egypt and Libya on Tuesday Producer claimed he was an Israeli Jew  living in California named Sam Bacile But film’s consultant, Steve Klein, said the  man was using a pseudonym Amid concerns over the filmmakers’ safety,  Klein: ‘I sleep with a […]

Survey shifts spotlight away from poor as key supporters of militants in Pakistan: Stronger support for militant groups among the middle class

  For immediate release: September 11, 2012 Media contact: Michael Hotchkiss,, 609-258-9522 Survey shifts spotlight away from poor as key supporters of militants in Pakistan A groundbreaking survey of Pakistanis has found stronger support for militant groups among the middle class than the poor. The finding by […]

CNN and the business of state-sponsored TV news

The network is seriously compromising its journalism in the Gulf states by blurring the line between advertising and editorial • Report: why didn’t CNNi air its own ‘iRevolution’ documentary? Glenn Greenwald,             Tuesday 4 September 2012 15.02 EDT CNN’s state-sponsored program on Kazakhstan. Photograph: via CNN Today […]

Jeremy Hunt under fire for stance on NHS tribute, homeopathy and abortion:” Leading scientists have also questioned Hunt’s suitability to be responsible for the NHS because he endorses homeopathy”

Labour claims health secretary’s apparent attempt to exclude NHS scenes from Olympic ceremony shows lack of support Denis Campbell, health correspondent,             Tuesday 4 September 2012 13.48 EDT Jeremy Hunt reportedly tried to remove the NHS tribute from Danny Boyle’s Olympics opening ceremony. Photograph: Jae C. Hong/AP […]

Former Navy SEAL’s book on Osama bin Laden raid contains classified info that may be dangerous insight into U.S. operations, Pentagon say

  By Associated Press PUBLISHED:16:09 EST, 4  September 2012| UPDATED:16:54 EST, 4 September 2012 A former Navy SEAL’s insider account of the  raid that killed Osama bin Laden contains classified information and may provide enemies with dangerous insight into  secretive U.S. operations, the Pentagon  said today. Rear  Adm. Sean […]

Commentary on The Video: Fundamentalist Vaccine Penatgon Using Vaccines to Alter Human Behavior VMAT2 Gene – Followed by, Change in Human Social Behavior in Response to a Common Vaccine Abstract , & Article On VMAT2

There is currently no way to confirm the data in this Video……. Chances are without any confirming data, it will be deemed a fake… This video, and the Vaccine Data has been circulating close to two years now. If it is a hoax, I will have to say […]

US cancer body oversells mammograms: experts

 2 Aug 2012 Medical experts on Friday accused a major US breast cancer foundation known for its high-profile “pink ribbon” campaign of overselling pre-emptive mammography and understating the risks. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation uses misleading statistics in its pro-screening campaigns, two doctors from The […]