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Reasons to avoid weekend surgery

Public Release: 6-Jul-2015 Heightened hospital weekend death risk common in several developed countries Not just a problem for hospitals in England; also evident in Australia, USA, and The Netherlands BMJ The heightened risk of death after admission to hospital at the weekend–the so-called ‘weekend effect’–is a feature of […]

Link found between autoimmune diseases, medications, and a dangerous heartbeat condition

Public Release: 6-Jul-2015 Screening and counseling recommended to decrease risk of life-threatening arrhythmias SUNY Downstate Medical Center Mohamed Boutjdir, PhD, professor of medicine, cell biology, and physiology and pharmacology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, has led a study with international collaborators identifying the mechanism by which patients with […]

Infant antibiotic use linked to adult diseases

Public Release: 13-May-2015 New study may lead to recommendations for antibiotic usage and a clinical test for measuring gut microbe development in children University of Minnesota IMAGE: This framework shows different evidence-supported ways that antibiotics may disrupt the gut microbiota and increase risk of adult diseases. Credit: University […]

Statins may increase diabetes risk in healthy people by 87%

Public Release: 7-May-2015   Strong statin-diabetes link seen in large study of Tricare patients Increased diabetes risk for those on cholesterol-lowering drugs Veterans Affairs Research Communications In a database study of nearly 26,000 beneficiaries of Tricare, the military health system, those taking statin drugs to control their cholesterol […]

Stress and obesity: Your family can make your fat

Public Release: 6-Apr-2015 Study examines link between chronic family stressors, adolescent obesity University of Houston Adolescent obesity is a national public health concern and, unchecked, places young people on a trajectory for a variety of health issues as they grow older. A new study from the University of […]

HPV vaccine correlated with Ovarian failure

Am J Reprod Immunol. 2013 Oct;70(4):309-16. doi: 10.1111/aji.12151. Epub 2013 Jul 31. Human papilloma virus vaccine and primary ovarian failure: another facet of the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants. Colafrancesco S1, Perricone C, Tomljenovic L, Shoenfeld Y. Abstract PROBLEM: Post-vaccination autoimmune phenomena are a major facet of the […]

Aluminum in Vaccines, a Bad Mix

Aluminum in Vaccines, a Bad Mix – A study of whooping cough vaccinations in Gothenburg a few years ago showed that almost one per cent of the children developed pruritic nodules in the area of the vaccination. Three out of four of the children who had a reaction […]

Aluminum in vaccine combinations may be over 100 times the level required to induce neurodevelopmental delays in preterm infants

EEV: Links will bring you to the JAMA site: Effect of Routine Vaccination on Aluminum and Essential Element Levels in Preterm Infants Tammy Z. Movsas, MD, MPH1,2; Nigel Paneth, MD, MPH2,3; Wilson Rumbeiha, DVM, PhD, DABT, DABVT, VDPAM5; Justin Zyskowski, BA4; Ira H. Gewolb, MD2 JAMA Pediatr. 2013;167(9):870-872. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2013.108. Parenteral feedings containing […]

Rubella vaccination used to induce behavioral problems in children

Psychoneuroendocrinology. 1998 May;23(4):337-51. Influence of socioeconomic status on behavioral, emotional and cognitive effects of rubella vaccination: a prospective, double blind study. – Effects of vaccination with live attenuated Rubella virus on psychological parameters measured in 12-year-old girls with low socioeconomic status before, and 10 weeks after, the vaccination. […]

A VIRUS that kills every one of its victims, by wiping out part of their immune system, has been accidentally created by an Australian research team

Requested Re-post from our site, on the horrifying potential of a certain type of disease vaccine engineering. New Scientist issue: 13th January 2001 ( Historical ) An engineered mouse virus leaves us one step away from the ultimate bioweapon A VIRUS that kills every one of its victims, by […]

BPA lined containers raise blood pressure fast

BPA lined containers raise blood pressure fast * – Urinary BPA concentration increased by up to 1,600 percent after consuming canned beverages compared to after consuming the glass-bottled beverages. – “A 5 mm Hg increase in systolic blood pressure by drinking two canned beverages may cause clinically significant […]

Daily Aspirin and younger women a bad mix

Daily Aspirin and younger women a bad mix – ” they conclude that blanket treatment “is ineffective or harmful in the majority of women with regard to the combined risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and major gastrointestinal bleeding.” – Cons of regular low-dose aspirin to stave off serious […]

Trans Fats make brain go Hmmm?

Trans fat consumption is linked to diminished memory in working-aged adults – For those eating the highest amounts of trans fats, this translated to an estimated 11 fewer words (a more than 10 percent reduction in words remembered), compared to adults who ate the least trans fat. (The […]

Up to 100 children die from tainted measles vaccine – Syrian ambassador to UN ” the immunisation of children continues “

18 September 2014 UNITED NATIONS. KAZINFORM Some 100 children have died in the Syrian opposition-controlled areas of the north-western Idlib province where the UN measles vaccination campaign was held, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Jaafari said on Wednesday. Earlier media reports suggested 40 children died following measles […]

Brazil to Fight Dengue with GM Mosquitos

// // // © RIA Novosti. Oleg Lastochkin 09:01 24/07/2014 MOSCOW, July 23 (RIA Novosti) – Brazil is going to raise a swarm of genetically modified mosquitos to fight dengue, an acute tropical disease that affects over 50 million people every year, the New Scientist magazine reports. According […]

Death by prescription painkiller

First major review provides evidence of sharp increase in deaths from painkillers in US and Canada and leading causes The number of deaths involving commonly prescribed painkillers is higher than the number of deaths by overdose from heroin and cocaine combined, according to researchers at McGill University. In […]

Several FDA-approved anti-cancer drugs induce stem cell tumors, perhaps thwarting therapy

Drosophila intestines provide ‘ready-made stem cell microenvironments’ that are ‘difficult-to-impossible’ to create in petri dishes, offering an unconventional screen that allows researchers to test drugs in vivo. Credit: University of Massachusetts Amherst                                          Using a new approach to systematically test chemotherapy drugs in an unusual animal model, […]