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Antibacterial agent used in common soaps ” When exposed to sunlight, triclosan and its chlorinated derivatives form dioxins “

Antibacterial agent used in common soaps found in increasing amounts in freshwater lakes University of Minnesota study raises new questions about use of triclosan Contacts: Rhonda Zurn, College of Science and Engineering,, (612) 626-7959 Matt Hodson, University News Service,, (612) 625-0552 MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (01/22/2013) […]

Triclosan in (Anti-Bacterial Soap, Toothpaste etc..)– Harmful to Ecological Status of Rivers: Ranked sixth as one of the most particularly harmful substances in Europe

Triclosan — Harmful to Ecological Status of Rivers — Needs to Be Monitored, Researchers Say It is intended that the list of priority substances that have to be monitored by the authorities in Europe will be extended from its current 33 to 45 substances. The chemical triclosan is […]

New study links fate of personal care products to environmental pollution and human health concerns: Triclosan

Contact: Joe Caspermeyer 480-727-0369 Arizona State University Parental concerns in maintaining germ-free homes for their children have led to an ever-increasing demand and the rapid adoption of anti-bacterial soaps and cleaning agents. But the active ingredients of those antiseptic soaps now have come under scrutiny by the […]

Plain soap as effective as antibacterial but without the risk – Triclosan no more effective a soap

Contact: Laura Bailey 734-647-1848 University of Michigan ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Antibacterial soaps show no health benefits over plain soaps and, in fact, may render some common antibiotics less effective, says a University of Michigan public health professor. In the first known comprehensive analysis of whether antibacterial soaps work […]

ASU study finds antimicrobials from personal care products in statewide survey of Minnesota’s rivers and lakes – triclosan

Highlights First statewide U.S. survey finds antimicrobial compounds present in sediments of Minnesota’s rivers, creeks and lakes Personal care product active ingredients triclosan (TCS) and triclocarban (TCC) detected in all samples takenupstreamanddownstreamof wastewater treatment plants Among the two known endocrine disruptors monitored, triclocarban was more abundant than triclosan […]