For the Press, Bloggers, Hacktivists, and others

For the Press, Bloggers, Hacktivists, and others

EngineeringEvil has been around since 2012. Since that time, this very plain site has been a dumping ground for compromised data on world leaders to a key drop off for cryptographers.

We often will post articles from other sites for news organizations, or theses articles are forwarded to us. Many news organizations quietly tolerate this, as it increases awareness indirectly of their sites. If However, you are part of one of these News Organizations and do not desire this just E-mail us and we will take down your articles and links on this site immediately. We want to maintain a harmonious relationship with the journalist community.

New Journalist whom want to submit their article to us. If we cannot verify you subject manner, through fact checking and such. I am sorry we cannot accept it, as the internet is a trolling community.

Hacktivists, personal information such as addresses,  credit card numbers, or anything that can endanger people will be scrubbed then published. If classified information has been compromised, we will bring attention to it as long as it does not endanger anyone. I can always use help with certain algorithms, hint, hint.

Government officials, inform me directly if sensitive information has been breached. However, peer reviewed data that has been published is pretty much past tense. It is a lot easier than trying to bury article links, so they cannot appear in search queries.

We love Scientists, please send us your abstracts or full studies. I prefer DOI referenced materials; However, a methodically presented study is acceptable. To me over half the real news, is hidden behind the doors of research labs. Research articles on this particular site take priority.

This site will probably always be a dressed down site, to keep it casual and accessible to all corners of the world.


Ralph Turchiano

E-mail is an incredibly easy ROT13 Encryption


  •  Examples of Scrubbing


For: Hillary From: Sid Re: France's client & Qaddafi's gold bb

Examples of Compromised Security


The document was revealed by deputy national security adviser Hugh Powell to photographers as he walked past No10 to attend a meeting about the crisis in Ukraine

Gaffe: In a photograph published by AFP/Getty Images, the binder clearly shows the title 'Codeword: Classified Document' emblazoned across it