Hundreds of convicted doctors still practising (U.K.)

Medical chiefs say they cannot automatically ban convicted doctors because it   may breach their human rights

A man with a stethoscope around his neck

A man with a stethoscope around his neck Photo: PA

By Agencies

10:00PM GMT 24 Nov 2013

More than 750 GPs, surgeons and other doctors have kept their jobs despite   being found guilty of offences including taking indecent images of children,   drug trafficking and fraud.

Medical chiefs have said they cannot automatically ban convicted doctors   because it may breach their human rights.

Campaigners reacted angrily to the disclosures on Sunday night. Roger Goss,   the co-director of Patient Concern, said: “Human rights should not allow   doctors to get away with still practising after being convicted of these   crimes. There are shocking convictions for violence and doctors having   images of children. The fact they have not been struck off is an outrage.”

The General Medical Council (GMC) released the number of criminal records held   by practising doctors in response to a Freedom of Information request. It   showed 761 doctors were practising in October this year, despite   accumulating 856 convictions between them.

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